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Break up industrial data silos and converge operational data at scale at the Edge and/or in the Cloud. Exploit the full potential of your machine and plant data with Industrial IoT Edge to increase your competitive advantages.

We design and implement the best-in-class Edge to Cloud Systems tailored to your IT/OT integration and Data needs.

Connect any production machine or field device, regardless of brand or generation, into a unified and globally accessible platform. With IoT Edge, manufacturers get secure Edge and/or Cloud access to their production data to optimise workflows, save resources, prevent downtime and improve quality.

You can enable shopfloor data processing, process optimisation, extended machine functionalities, predictive applications, remote services, and new business models, having full control over your data at all times.

IoT Edge Industrial Systems
IoT Edge Design
IoT Edge Infrastructure

An IoT Edge System collects and analyses machine data locally at the Edge, speeding up data analysis on-site. This information can be used to control or improve the production process immediately.

For interaction between different plant locations, customers can choose to store and analyse selected machine status data in external clouds.

Our IoT Edge systems can be linked to higher-level in-plant systems such as ERP, SCM, MES, and external Data Analytics Apps.

At Polestar we design the infrastructure for this to happen with the highest resilience and cybersecurity standards, tailored to every manufacturing need, select the best-in-class hardware vendors, and install the system end-to-end, under Agile methodologies.

Benefits of IoT Edge for Manufacturers

IoT Edge Cloud

Consolidate Operational Data 

Break up data silos and consolidate data at scale in the Cloud. Remotely and securely deploy and manage cloud-native workloads such as AI or your own business logic to run directly on your IIoT devices.

IoT Edge Software

Optimise Licensing

Enable Remote Access to reduce SCADA / MES / Automation licensing, optimise cloud spend and enable your devices to react faster to local changes while operating reliably even in extended offline periods.

IT OT Convergence

Thanks to central management and automated tasks, Industrial Edge can be quickly and easily integrated in existing automation and IT environments, granting transparency over the entire production process.

IoT Edge Cloud Data

IoT Edge systems are ‘edge-heavy’ and collect/process all production data at source. You can decide whether to keep your production data on-site, or to process it further in Cloud Apps.

IoT Edge Predictive Maintenance

Improve Machinery Uptime

Monitor the performance of all your field devices, flagging any not operating at their intended capacity. You can perform waveform failure analysis, receive preventive maintenance alerts, and improve the lifetime of your factory devices.

IoT Edge Energy Management

Reduce Energy Consumption

Monitor all connected machines and their power consumption levels to make informed decisions. Connect energy management Apps to achieve better energy efficiencies.

QA/QC Quality IoT

Design data-based processes and make machine behaviour or potential failure predictions. Visualise in real-time the whole production process and detect tool wear or whether all machines are running as planned.


Better OEE

Capture Overall Equipment Efficiency data of the entire production system in real-time and visualise it on a dashboard for better decision-making. By acquiring values in real-time, you can respond to deviations immediately

IoT Maintenance

Reduce Maintenance Costs

With our machine monitoring systems, you can get insights from performance information related to change history and consumables, helping you with a granular tracking of your factory devices' status.

IoT Edge Connectvity

As an IT & Networking Services Company, we leverage our extensive expertise in IoT, Edge Computing & OT Security to design and install seamless IoT Edge infrastructure &

Data Apps for industrial purposes.

Learn how...

Data / Infrastructure / Apps Architecting, Security Auditing.

We help you to discover which are your data, infrastructure and security needs for the implementation of an IoT Edge system within your factory. 

After the Consulting and Design phases are completed, we will assign you a Project Manager to proceed with the installation.

We build, customise, configure and install all IoT Edge components. 

Whether you decide to install on-premise-only Data Systems, to go fully Cloud, or both, at Polestar we've got the Engineers.

Depending on your circumstances, we may also need to install cabling, other industrial-grade networking, or cybersecurity systems.

Polestar provides support through the whole life-cycle of the system.

Polestar will assist you through our Partners' Support Services and offer direct support on additional components.

We liaise with vendors and partners to de-commission the system's hardware and arrange back shipments to re-furbish it for any new deployments you may have.

IoT Edge Apps