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IT OT Convergence

Polestar's Industrial IT & IIoT Partners.

Meet our most prominent partners with whom we are transforming and moving the industry forward.

Our IT & IIoT Partner Ecosystem

Discover Polestar's Global Partner Ecosystem for the Industrial IT and Industrial IoT Solutions we deliver:

IT OT Convergence

Industrial IT, Edge Computing & Network Connectivity

Cisco IoT Partner UK

Cisco IoT is an end-to-end IoT architecture. Built on Cisco's industry-leading networking and security capabilities, it provides Network connectivity, Device Management, Remote monitoring, Asset tracking, Data control and exchange, Predictive maintenance, Edge computing and Cyber security.

Cisco IoT infrastructure includes its portfolios of Industrial Ethernet Switching, Integrated Service Routers, Wireless Connectivity, and IoT Embedded Networks.

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IT OT Convergence

Industrial Networking

Siemens Partner IoT Industrial Networks

Industrial Communication & Network components, services, training and support.

Optimal utilisation of  production data requires that the OT & IT networks and teams seamlessly interact.

Our industrial networking portfolio boost communications between automation components, based on Polestar's professional infrastructure planning and implementation.

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IT OT Convergence

Industrial Automation &
IoT Platform

FANUC Automation & IoT

FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive system (FIELD system) is an open platform for the manufacturing industry which targets improvements in efficiency and productivity.

All devices on the factory floor can be connected without barriers for centralised management of equipment and data.

The system uses either FIELD BASE Pro hardware for plants with around 30 manufacturing devices or Cisco UCS for plants with +150 devices.

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Cisco, Siemens, FANUC
IT OT Convergence

OT Remote Access

Securely manage your Industrial Networks, IT, OT & ICS from anywhere with our Zero Trust Remote Access.

Cyolo is the industry's fastest and easiest to use remote access platform that exceeds every cybersecurity standard.

Connect from anywhere, within seconds, and control access at scale.

IEC, NIST & NERC Compliant.

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IT OT Convergence


Firewalls, SDWAN, Cybersecurity, Paloalto Networks

360° Zero Trust Network Security. Protect your industrial network, secure users, apps and data anywhere: on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.

IoT is adding a deluge of hard-to-secure devices to industrial networks, and only a handful of manufacturers are prepared.

Prevent unknown threats in real-time without compromising performance by implementing the world's first ML-Powered NGFW.

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IT OT Convergence

VMWARE: Cloud, Networking & Security

Vmware Cloud Cybersecurity

VMware network security systems simplify security architecture with an all-software approach that provides total threat protection for multi-cloud infrastructures.

Reduce the attack surface by hardening workloads, network, and cloud posture. Prioritise high-risk threats and vulnerabilities with context-rich risk scoring. Achieve higher fidelity alerts in real-time, leading to more targeted, confident, and automated actions.

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Dispel, Paloalto,Vmware
IT OT Convergence

Cloud Cyber security

Sophos Industrial Cloud Cybersecurity

Sophos simply stops
ransomware. Secure your industrial cloud infrastructure, ensure compliance, and find ways to optimise cloud spend.

Sophos systems include Network Firewalling, Cloud Workload Protection, Cloud Security Posture Management, Cloud Services side-by-side Tracking, DevSecOps and Data Protection.

Protection for AWS, Azure, and Google.

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IT OT Convergence

MICROSOFT: Datacenters & Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft Partner Datacenter Azure

Azure global infrastructure is made up of physical infrastructure and connective network components.

The physical component is comprised of 200+ physical datacenters.

With the connectivity of the global Azure network, each of the Azure datacenters provides high availability, low latency, scalability, and the latest advancements in cloud infrastructure.

Together, these components keep data entirely within the trusted Microsoft network and IP traffic never enters the public internet.

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IT OT Convergence

Asset Tracking & Visibility

Airista Flow Asset Tracking RTLS

RTLS solutions that provide location insights of people and assets. Our solutions help businesses:

Track assets and locations over time. Locate people and things in real-time.

Alert and respond to employees in duress situations.

Remotely monitor environmental conditions like temperature, humidity or vibration.

Ensure process execution and adherence to best practices.

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Sophos, Microsoft, Airista
IT OT Convergence

OT Security

Nozomi Networks OT Cybersecurity

Unlock visibility across OT, IoT, and IT for accelerated security and digital transformation.

See all OT and IoT assets and
behavior on your networks
for unmatched awareness. 

Detect Cyber threats, vulnerabilities,
risks and anomalies for faster response. 

Unify security, visibility and
monitoring across all your
assets for improved resilience.

Nozomi has emerged as the leader in securing critical infrastructure industrial control systems.

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IT OT Convergence

CLARITY: Energy & Process Data Management

Clarity Process Data Management

Supercharge your plant’s
efficiency with Clarity. Organise Industrial Data, Identify Problems, and Realise Opportunities.

Gain real-time visibility about your energy waste and discover areas where energy spend can be reduced.

Move from planned preventative maintenance to condition-based maintenance. Improve capacity and uptime with better efficiency.

View Plant Operations
in real-time. With all your factory’s data in one place, see how your machinery is performing any time, anywhere.

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IT OT Convergence

Backup & System Recovery

Veeam Cloud Back Up System Recovery

Backup built for speed, portability and comprehensive coverage. Make recovery objectives a reality with instant disaster recovery for critical apps with the best RPOs.

Secure-by-design, cost-effective, simple cloud-based backup, DR
and archival. Keep costs down with faster backups and infinite scale. 

Veeam Backup solutions use

API integrations for automating any use case and management at scale.

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Nozomi, Clarity, Veeam
IT OT Convergence

M2M & IoT Connectivity

Arkessa M2M Data Security

Connect anything with anything. Arkessa offers world-wide, world-class cellular connectivity services that make it easy to design, deploy and manage IIoT devices securely, efficiently, and at scale.

From a single platform view order, manage, and connect to your industrial devices.

Arkessa has pioneered the integration of multiple networks and emerging wireless technologies through a single managed service.

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NEXOR: Data & Cybersecurity Management

Nexor Cybersecurity Management

Nexor helps Defence, Security, Finance & Manufacturing organisations around the globe to get information into and out of secure networks through high-assurance cyber security solutions.

Our experts and technology offers unbeatable protection against advanced threat actors.

Nexor's unique CyberShield Secure methodology defines their commitment to the ongoing balance between cyber security and business operations.

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IT OT Convergence

Want to join our Global IIoT Partners' Ecosystem?

If you feel that your portfolio of products and services is a great fit for the demands of an ever-changing, fast-paced IoT industry, then just contact us. 

We will be happy to evaluate together the implementation of your Digital Transformation systems within our customer projects.

Send us your proposal:

Arkessa, Nexor

See in detail our most prominent projects here: IIoT Case Studies

IT OT Convergence

Interested in knowing how to achieve manufacturing efficiencies in your industrial plants?

What manufacturers say:

"Polestar enabled us to re-utilise our existing network hardware to realise exceptional performance increases and make the management of the network much simpler."

- Graeme Walker, Group Senior Automation Manager, Carlsberg U.K.

IT OT Convergence
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