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Lean Manufacturing Webinar for the Food Industry: Process Optimisation, Energy Efficiency, IIoT, IoT and Industry 4.0

Clarity Industrial Energy Management
Increase Drive Peak Plant Performance and Save Money in Manufacturing from Energy & Process Efficiencies.

Energy Management Technology

It can sometimes feel that manufacturing and refrigeration power consumption are an uncontrolled cost centre. Manufacturers are also under pressure to cut costs and save money. This has only been heightened by the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Through Clarity Energy Efficiency & Process Optimisation, manufacturers can access Energy Management Control Systems to lower their bills, increase their equipment uptime, and ensure peak performance.

Pinpoint what drives overall plant energy consumption

Track energy consumption through statistical

analysis tools.

Dynamically and continuously calculate plant performance, and compare it to the actual.

Develop predictive models

Get insights by building individual models of each of your major plant components.

EMCS Clarity.gif

Talk to us to see how Clarity can be offered as software-only or as a managed service to deliver efficiencies.

Real-Time Analytics

Between SCADA systems, Energy Management Systems (EMSs, or EMCSs), Data Historians, BMS’s, Maintenance Management Systems, ERPs, etc., having enough data simply isn’t a problem.  But is it actually adding any insights? 


Simply aggregate all data into a

real-time analytics specialist app that turns data abundance into actionable insights, which combined with engineering expertise will help any manufacturing enterprise deliver and maintain tangible savings.


Saving in energy consumption


Increase in process efficiency


Real-time visibility of optimisation opportunities

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Through our planning and implementation services, CEOs, CTOs, plant directors, facility managers, process and site engineers can: 


Develop an IIoT Strategy and learn how Industry 4.0 Tech can help to boost productivity.

Realistically achieve efficiency from capex and production.

Collect and understand production data.

Create fast, simple and accurate reports with understandable and relevant KPIs.

Understand the flow of energy and the energy usage of your facility.

Use tools for CSR and CI.

Create effective change strategies to drive energy and process optimisations, achieving continuous improvement.

Polestar & Crowley Carbon

Polestar IIoT & Clarity

Sustainability is at our core, and we are not only talking about trees and global warming (which is relevant too!).

We are talking mainly about

business sustainability.


With our solutions, we provide your manufacturing enterprise with a unique offering... combining data connections, software and energy & process expertise to deliver and maintain savings.


Explore how to optimise your

processes and energy usage.

Food Manufacturing Lean Industry

Achieve Peak Plant Performance


Don’t just save money, implement and maintain an optimisation strategy, improving your production processes and ensuring maximum efficiency of industrial equipment.

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Process Optimisation Software Energy Efficiency Systems
Process Optimisation Software Energy Efficiency Systems

Who is this Service for?

This service is designed for CEOs, CTOs, COOs, Production Managers, Heads of Engineering, Plant Directors, Facility Managers and Site Engineers from any Manufacturing Industry.

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