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We design and implement converged network architectures that unify data and operations from both the OT and IT Environments, streamlining business and operational processes.

IT & OT Integration Services allow you to merge business data with insights from operational devices and controls into a seamless environment.

It is quite common in industrial settings to find IT departments and systems totally disconnected from their OT counterparts. Here is why it is important to have them working together, and what we do about it...

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Polestar Industrial IT

To succeed in a digital transformation project, it is critical to have a well-designed and seamless integration of the company's Enterprise IT and its Operations Data (OT data).

For industrial processes to be analysed in-depth and optimised (such as those involved in water treatment, electric power generation and goods manufacturing), sensors and machinery data need to be integrated into management systems.

Traditional OT devices, sensors, for example, can collect data, but cannot transmit the data over a large network or perform any sort of in-depth analysis of that data.

When paired with Edge Computing, IT systems enable OT towards an IIoT model. As OT devices are not traditionally networked technology, they need this convergence to acquire the capability to collect, transfer and analyse data.

This is what is called IT/OT integration, or IT/OT convergence, and it takes in so much more than a simple checklist of technology must-haves.

IT/OT Convergence

Learn about our IT/OT Convergence Services

IT/OT Integration Services

To kick-start digital transformation in an industrial environment it is needed to design a converged architecture that unifies data from both OT and IT environments, streamlining business strategy with operational processes. An integrated IT & OT network allows you to merge business processes, controls and insights into a seamless environment.

However, a Smart Factory will not be possible if your Operations and IT teams are not aligned to work together.

Successful IT/OT integrations require trained managers to lead a comprehensive organisational change that more than often includes a skills transfer programme, insightful data governance, and a combination of secure communication infrastructures with, of course, state-of-the-art technologies.

With our IT/OT Consulting Services, you will:

IT OT Policy

Polestar delivers IT/OT Policy Documentation to support the organisational strategy for the required sites/facilities, which includes the planning of a secure and highly available network, the definition of ownership for each system layer, implementation guidelines, a standardised catalogue of hardware/software, and a definition of service levels.

Industrial IT, the Core of IIoT

Industrial Networks & Industrial-grade IT are the central enablers of IIoT, Data Sharing, Industrial Cybersecurity, Automation, and the creation of Digital Twins. Hence, they are core to Digital Transformation & Smart Manufacturing.

-(Big buzzwords)-

IT/OT Convergence
Polestar Industrial IT

To achieve exponential efficiencies, it is not enough to digitally transform your operations by simply controlling machinery through OT. Today is key to connect machinery and OT to Enterprise and IT Systems (OT/IT Convergence), so managers can access thousands of Apps for advanced analytics and the optimisation of production processes.

Without Industrial-grade Networks and Systems that safely connect everything together on the factory floor and to the Internet, that just wouldn't be possible. So...

Industrial IT & IIoT

What do you need from Industrial-grade IT to begin an IIoT & Digital Transformation journey?

Industrial IT vs Enterprise IT

Enterprise vs Industrial IT

An enterprise or corporate network, connects computers and IT devices across departments, facilitating data accessibility in carpeted spaces.

For connectivity of Machinery and ICS in rugged environments it is heavily recommended to implement extended enterprise systems (Industrial IT) within an Industrial Network. 


This will help build an infrastructure able to securely handle communications & data on a large scale, catering to real-time needs, with special security requirements, and able to work in harsh conditions.

Industrial-grade IT has unique specifications to connect Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and OT for the monitoring of critical infrastructure (CI) and the controlling and automation of robots.

Industrial IT also enables connectivity between OT and IT systems, making data coming from Field Devices available within MES, SCADA and ERP systems, with the possibility of Cloud Transferring for further specialised processing.

IT & OT Convergence
Polestar Industrial IT

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