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Edge to Cloud (IoT Edge) Apps for Optimising Production

A mix of automation with advanced analytics in the form of IoT Edge Apps can drive smarter, faster business decisions for industrial companies, regardless of their size. Through scalable IIoT platforms, these Edge to Cloud Apps can help increase manufacturing efficiency through the data-based optimisation of production quality, performance, uptime and OEE.

The Industrial IoT Edge for Machine Tools employs Edge & Cloud Computing for the Manufacturing industry to run applications on a computing platform that is located near the shop floor and can also communicate via IoT. The proximity enables the expansion of automation capabilities, the implementation of resource-intensive stream processing and learning algorithms, and the hosting of integration code for site automation. The Cloud enables AI, Remote Access and Scalability capabilities.

The following Smart Factory IoT Edge Apps will help boost your production efficiency.

IoT Edge Apps for Performance Improvement:

Turn data collected from production equipment into clear process overviews that help improve your manufacturing performance. The following IIoT solutions can also support you in reducing production costs and improving profitability.

Robot Performance Check App

This solution helps you to monitor robotic machines, PLCs, sensors, peripheral devices, and other equipment in the factory. Data can be collected and visualised to provide more information about manufacturing processes and their history. The App allows you to review the operational results on the machine level. You can review the production results and compare them against the production plan. Key benefits include:

  • Improve productivity due to detailed machine data and improve uptime by periodic maintenance info.

  • Check machine utilisation and find machines that are underutilised.

  • Visibility on tool life information for increased uptime, alarm history, program history, signal history and macro value history.

  • Save time by getting automatic custom regular reports and having a backup for CNC systems and programs.

  • Communication with an upper host system such as a manufacturing execution system (MES).

Production Progress Monitor App

A lightweight dashboard providing a clear overview of production progress and actual equipment statuses for all connected devices. Individual monitoring allows seeing the running status of devices, productivity and alarm history. Some of the benefits of this IoT Edge App are:

  • Real-time production status visibility. The production progress of any connected machine can be tracked.

  • Malfunctioning machines are immediately visible and repair can be arranged proactively.

  • Productivity can be analysed based on historical data.

AI Computervision App

This is the next-generation pick-and-place system for industrial robots. The App uses artificial intelligence and optical sensing to enable robots to perform high-precision grasping of new objects, even in high-mix low volume production environments. This system is particularly well-suited for industries that rely on plastic or metal components and where traditional pneumatic grippers are not suitable. Features include:

  • Automated object recognition: Industrial robots recognise and handle new objects without reprogramming with a 24h gap between 3D design and first sample to running production.

  • Tag scanning for tracking components.

  • Mixed product line differentiation and sorting.

  • Inventory management through integration with your logistics system.

  • Custom solution development is available.

Interested in these Apps? Contact us for more info.

A breakdown on the factory floor can cause significant production downtime and costs. However, it is possible to detect anomalies and receive notifications in advance to eliminate unplanned production stoppages.

Machinery Daily Check App

Daily Check is an application that allows an easy and reliable execution and recording of daily checks on machinery, performed through mobile devices. Checked items will be uploaded to the Edge to Cloud system by reading QR codes placed on field equipment. Records can be input by selecting checks in the App, filling in a form, and/or photo-taking, and the check results can be confirmed via remote PCs. This allows manufacturers to:

  • Improve their machine and process reliability by enabling frequent high-quality checks.

  • Improve control of the machine's condition through remote supervision.

Remote I/O Management App

A Wireless Remote IO System with OPC UA enables IO information to be sent not only to the Fieldbus machine control system but also directly to an IoT Edge system. It provides the OPC UA data required for ERP, MRS and dashboard software integration directly from the remote IO station, with no need for protocol conversion.

With a Wireless IO OPC UA app, manufacturers can:

  • Set alarm outputs for cycle counts to enable a preventative maintenance edge to their business.

  • Integrate data easily into dashboard web clients for display purposes, as well as industrial connectivity for PLC control.

  • Reduce downtime to Zero from comms cable failure.

  • Get local or remote access to I/O diagnostics.

  • Integrate other apps for condition monitoring purposes or quality monitoring by learning standard production patterns.

Zero Downtime Viewer App

An application that helps check the status of all downtime servers registered in this application on a single screen. This app helps reduce unexpected downtime of robots and machinery by monitoring their condition. Features include:

  • Monitoring of abnormalities from normal equipment conditions.

  • Improved analysis through easy access to robot data.

  • Visualisation of all the production assets on a single screen.

Servo & Spindle Monitor App

An app that visualises anomalies of drive systems for servos and spindles through machine learning. It can analyse daily processing data and display the results in intuitive graphs. Manufacturing managers can easily monitor abnormalities on the machines and analyse the recorded production data of each drive system. Features include:

  • Monitoring of mechanical elements of an axis.

  • Data collection from the machine servo motor.

  • Easy creation of failure prediction systems.

  • Monitoring of anomaly scores in intuitive graphs.

  • Automatic creation of an ML baseline model.

Guide Lubrication & Damage Status App

A vibration sensor fitted into any machine LM rails will detect oscillations during specific movements triggered by CNC or Robot controllers. The oscillations are analysed into signals for lubrication and damage by a unique algorithm in the amplifier. These lubrication and damage signals are plotted on the App dashboard. This App allows manufacturers to easily:

  • Visualise sensor oscillation data and analyse signals for lubrication and damage status through the App's unique algorithm.

  • Apply Condition-based Maintenance to connected devices.

  • Connect Line Operations at scale (up to 90 sensors per connector).

Bearing Condition Monitoring App Diagnostic Software

This app monitors the operating status of machine elements by diagnosing the early signs of damage or deterioration in bearings, ball screws, and linear guides. It helps keep equipment running at peak performance, and visualise the state of these critical machine elements as a key part of predictive maintenance. Some features of this solution include:

  • Unique vibration diagnosis technology built on years of R&D on the mechanisms behind damage and deterioration in bearings, ball screws, and linear guides.

  • Diagnostics of multiple mounted bearings and ball screws all at once.

  • Detection and diagnosis of flaking (spalling) in bearings due to rolling fatigue, the intrusion of foreign matter, and scratches caused by excessive load.

  • Detection and diagnostics of ball screw wear and deterioration due to poor lubrication and the entry of foreign matter.

  • Detection and diagnosis of flaking, scratches, and poor lubrication in linear guides.

e-chain & Polymer Bearings Condition Monitoring App

This solution provides predictive maintenance information for e-chain systems and polymer bearings, shared through IoT Edge Systems. The dashboard app informs customers about the condition of e-chain systems by advising the number of days remaining until the next suggested maintenance. In addition, the app has a feature for sending alert messages in case of unexpected conditions or upcoming maintenance needs. Benefits of this solution include:

  • The system detects changes early and prolongs the life of an e-chain system by providing predictive info.

  • Indication of the number of days until the next recommended maintenance.

  • Info regarding the next suggested maintenance and alerts displayed in a web browser, also sent by email/SMS notifications.

  • Sharing sensor data from the converter to other IoT Edge applications, including MES / SCADA systems.

Interested in these Apps? Contact us for more info.

Product quality issues can negatively impact your profitability, so real-time data collection becomes key where quality improvement is a primary goal. In a smart factory, the gathering, monitoring and analysis of production data supports greater repeatability. The following apps can add better stability and quality traceability to your manufacturing process.

AI Computervision for Manufacturing

AI Computervision App

The App uses artificial intelligence and optical sensing to Minimise waste with accurate defects detection, improve product quality and customer satisfaction, and reduce tag scanning time. Using this Computervision app allow you to process components or products in a production or assembly line for automated visual inspection (up to 30 detections per second). QA/QC Features include:

  • Automated QA visual inspection. The app allows you for automated recognition of defects and incorrectly assembled products.

  • Custom solution development is available.

OEE management involves monitoring and analysing three key factors: Availability, Performance, and Quality. With the following IoT Edge Apps you can measure actual production times compared to planned production times, assess how efficiently the equipment is operating during production, and the number of defective or non-conforming products produced.

Smart OEE Dashboard

An industrial web-based app for IoT Edge device monitoring that gathers in real-time all device variables related to OEE. This solution allows for seamless integration with MES Platforms. Some of the benefits of this solution include a detailed and intuitive overview of the reasons for OEE losses, real-time visibility at the shop floor, and an understanding of the reasons for different OEE Values. Features include:

  • Bidirectional communication with IoT Edge systems.

  • Real-time visualisation of part programs and tasks running on the machines.

  • Calculation & Visualisation of Machinery OEE data.

Predictive OEE App

This industrial-grade app automatically gathers in real-time critical parameters (vibration, temperature, pressure, etc.) that could generate machine failure and/or produce scrap or defective products. The app continuously monitors equipment critical variables and, using cloud neural networks, helps to identify and predict anomalous deviations that could result in machine failure (indicating the need for maintenance) or a defective product (predictive quality).

The app also calculates and predicts machinery reliability. Some of its features include:

  • Diagnostics of deviations and anomalous behaviour using AI-driven techniques.

  • Prediction of deviations in specific process parameters that affect product quality and process stability/efficiency.

  • Notifications for operators, maintenance or quality managers when the system predicts that a variable will go out of its limits.

  • Seamless integration with Open MES Platforms.

Interested in implementing these Apps at your manufacturing facilities? Just contact us and request more information.


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