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Polestar facilitates the secure, standardised exchange and easy linkage of data in trusted industrial-grade systems. We provide a basis for smart service scenarios and innovative cross-company business processes, while ensuring data sovereignity.

Our team of Network Engineers and Cybersecurity specialists work together with IoT Developers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists & BI Specialists to design data management and sovereignty policies, as well as data architectures to securely connect all your information into a unified system.

We use our BI, IoT Edge and Computer Vision expertise to work with your Production Engineers, IT, and Security Teams to deploy scalable IoT solutions for your factories, creating opportunities to deploy AI in the future to enable predictive problem-solving and process/quality optimisation.

With a MES & SCADA integration you can develop a holistic view of your production data, including real-time monitoring of equipment performance and metrics, such as cycle time, yield, and throughput. This data can be used to optimise production processes, and quickly resolve issues.

Data Consulting
IoT Consulting & IIoT Technology

Although the cloud in conjunction with IT systems is common, it may come as a surprise to discover that OT systems can also send information to 3rd parties via Edge to IoT. As a result, a cloud-based solution that acts as an intermediary between these two domains would allow for data sharing without requiring direct integration.

Servers & Storage

Collect, store, manage, and analyse data generated by industrial and manufacturing processes with improved security, resilience and efficiency.

With our Data Centre solutions, you can:

■ Prevent data loss and improve storage capability.

■ Easily compare & manage different data sets.

■ Improve data entry and interface usability.

■ Improve computer and system platform compatibility.

Data Center

Discover an Industrial 5G ecosystem consisting of a private 5G infrastructure, end devices, and real applications. Industrial 5G will be the key element of flexible, efficient, IIoT-based concepts for factories and intralogistics.

With our Industrial 5G solutions, you can:

■ Enable fast & reliable production and intralogistics

   processes with full flexibility.

■ Allow data to be transmitted between mobile participants

   like AGVs within milliseconds.

■ Have control over your own data privacy & configure a

   5G private network to your requirements.

Industrial 5G


IoT Edge connectivity enables sensors and devices to communicate real-time data to a network. This solves latency issues associated with the cloud, as data is processed at its point of origin (Edge).

With our IoT Edge systems, you can:

■ Select data to be further processed in the Cloud,

   whilst optimising bandwidth.

■ Obtain, centralise and process machinery and

   tooling performance information for plant managers

   to make faster decisions on processes, quality and


Edge IoT
IoT SIM Cards

Polestar’s data SIMs enable IoT devices to connect anytime, anywhere with secure, managed global connectivity that is easy to embrace, incorporate and scale.

Our SIMs connect to
 4G-LTE, Cat-M, NB-IoT, or 5G wireless cellular networks to IoT & Machine to Machine (M2M) data transfer virtually anywhere.

By having the ability to monitor or restrict your usage, you will never need to worry about going over your data allowance.

IoT Sims
Data Software

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