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IoT Consulting to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

Industrial Cybersecurity & Resilience

Protect your Systems with our OT Security, Network & Systems Security Solutions. Network, Data & Asset Security is our Priority. We comply with rigorous security frameworks designed for industrial environments.

We also build secure zones, cells and production areas that allows you to operate every Device, Platform or App you use for tracking and improving productivity. 

The redundant cybersecurity features integrated into the solutions and designs that we implement have been proven in industrial plants around the world.

Polestar's experience and domain expertise takes those headaches away and lets you focus on staying productive.

Even if a cyber incident happens, we can quickly help you restore your systems and data thanks to our backup, recovery and resilience solutions.

We validate security patches, firmware upgrades, and technical bulletins for the entire service life of every product we sell.

Work with us to create comprehensive cybersecurity policies and standards so you can implement best-in-class security practices and systems in your industrial environments.

3rd Party Access


IoT & Cloud


Polestar IoT Consulting & Digital Transformation



The Cost of Having Unsecured Industrial Networks



...takes on average to detect and identify an industrial data breach.


Avg. Total Cost

Of a security incident, not considering paid ransoms.


Avg. Cost/h during Downtime

When your systems can't operate and your processes are stopped.

Cybersecurity Services

Our Cybersecurity & Resilience Services

Secure-by-Design Network Planning

Network architectures that integrate security, applications, data and IT/OT systems.

Our network designs fit all your productivity and security needs.


Polestar simplifies security, risk management and operations by embedding these components into your system's DNA.

OT and IoT Security Systems: Firewalls, SD-WANs, Network Management, Backup & Recovery...

We install, configure and support any security system you may need for your industrial settings.

We help you select and manage vendors, making your cybersecurity project hassle-free.

Use our tried-and-tested methodologies for achieving true resilience and security.

Our consulting is action-based.

You will be able to define assessment areas, perform risk and gap analysis, prioritise implementations, 

and develop an action plan.

Malware cyberattack.jpg

Zero Trust for OT and IoT

OT networks are a growing target of primary interest for cybercriminals... they are easy to target and frequently not secured properly. Recently, Fortinet found that 9 out of 10 OT leaders they surveyed acknowledged at least one intrusion in the past years.

Adopting zero-trust access is a critical security investment that requires a consistent policy practice of “never trust, always verify.” This consists of protecting every wired and wireless network node to ensure that all applications, devices, and users are validated. Implementing back-ups and recovery systems is highly recommended.

Create with us comprehensive Zero Trust policies and start implementing best-in-class security systems specialised in industrial environments.

Learn more about Industrial Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity & Resilience Systems


Industrial Security

Network Security, Cloud Security, Zero Trust Access and Advanced Threat Protection.

With Fortinet, we empower provide intelligent, seamless protection across expanding attack surfaces. Get the power to take on the ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network.

CyberVision Network Security

Visibility embedded in your Industrial Network. Operational insights for OT and Holistic Threat Detection.

Cyber Vision identifies known and emerging threats as well as process anomalies and unknown attacks. Embedded in your industrial network, you can see everything that is connected to it. Learn More.

veeam backup and replication.png

Modern Data Protection that is Simple, Flexible, Reliable and Powerful. 

SentinelOne IT Cybersecurity

Cross-platform, enterprise-scale data analytics to stop and remediate advanced attacks.

Equip every end-point and workload to respond intelligently against cyber threats with powerful static & behavioural AI. From end-points to the cloud, and from any IoT device to any container.

Paloalto Network Firewalls NGFW

Stay ahead of tomorrow's threats today with the world's first

ML-Powered NGFW

Security made intelligent and proactive. With ML-firewalls that embed machine learning at their core, protection changes from a reactive security control point to a proactive one. Get them through Polestar.

Nexor Industrial Data Space Cybersecurity

Design of security solutions to enable more efficient collaboration in your organisation and w/partners.

Our secure information exchange solutions can connect your data, users and domains (even if their levels of security access differ) while adhering to principles of information assurance.

Sophos Ransomeware.jpg

Endpoint, Network, Messaging and Cloud protection. XDR & Threat Response. 

Secure and synced cloud workloads, data, apps, and access. Sophos Cloud Security combines posture management and compliance, firewall, and workload protection with MTR to enable organisations to stay secure.


Unlock visibility across

OT, IoT, and IT

for accelerated security.

Unified cybersecurity visibility for companies from the critical infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and building automation sectors, among other OT sites.

Claroty OT Security

Edge Systems, Remote Access & Threat Detection with Industry-specific Cybersecurity Controls.

Centralised, easy-to-manage, and always up-to-date inventory of all OT, IoT, and IIoT assets, processes, and connectivity paths in your industrial network. Manage all vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and access.

Cybersecurity is more than just Malware Prevention

Learn more about securing your industrial systems by watching this webinar on system resilience and cybersecurity.

Processes performed traditionally on-premise (industrial control and monitoring, machinery commissioning, asset tracking, and others) are now being digitally transformed to be performed remotely.

With more manufacturers adopting IoT Technologies, security breaches are on the rise.


Our Industrial Cybersecurity and Resilience Services enable manufacturers to use digital technologies and internet services without worrying (too much) about security incidents.

Who is this Service for?

This service is designed for CTOs, Production Managers, Plant Directors, Facility Managers, IT Architects, Cybersecurity Engineers, IT Security Officers and Heads of Information Security from Industrial Companies of any size interested in increasing the Security and Resilience of their IoT Networks and their IT & OT Systems.

Check out our Projects

Keep up-to-date with our Industrial cybersecurity projects. Learn more from our Cybersecurity, IIoT and Industrial IT implementations, as well as from our Smart Factory Case Studies.

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