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Workshop: A Roadmap to Industrial Cybersecurity & Systems Resilience

For a business to be resilient, it's assets, including IT Hardware, OT Systems, Networks, Machinery and Data need to be secure both physically and digitally. But Cybersecurity is much more than just malware prevention.

Processes performed traditionally on-premise (industrial control and monitoring, machinery commissioning, asset tracking, and others) are now being digitally transformed to be performed remotely. With more manufacturers adopting IoT Technologies, security breaches are on the rise.

In this workshop you can learn more about securing your industrial assets with system resilience and cybersecurity.

Industrial Cybersecurity & Resilience Topics Discussed:

  1. Business Continuity 07:40

  2. Threats to Industrial Systems & OT Networks 17:40

  3. Trends on Cybersecurity & System Resilience 19:23

  4. Preventive Solutions 22:47

  5. Corrective Solutions 39:13

  6. Cybersecurity & Resilience Risk Analysis 48:41

  7. The Resilience Roadmap (Wrap Up) 49:59

In short, we discussed:

  • The importance of keeping your day-to-day operations up and running

  • The threats that menace the operational continuity of your Industrial Networks and OT Systems

  • Some of the latest trends on resilience and cybersecurity that you need to consider to minimise and prevent those risks

  • The basics on how to perform a risk analysis to prioritise areas of work and determine the cybersecurity and resilience projects that you should be implementing

  • A step-by-step roadmap that you can follow to embrace a resilience strategy in your industrial organisation.

Listen to Julian Smith, CEO of Polestar, Andy Llewellyn, Cybersecurity and Networks Engineer at Polestar, and Matthew Carver, Product Specialist.

Our Industrial Cybersecurity and Resilience Services enable manufacturers to use digital technologies and internet services without worrying (too much) about security incidents.


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