Polestar Industrial IT is a Network Integrator & Consultant that designs and implements secure IT & OT infrastructures to move the Manufacturing Industry further.

Digitally transform your plants with our LSD+T methodology and the highest Manufacturing Security Standards.

We securely connect machines to industrial systems and systems to people... in short.

These are our Industrial IT Services:

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Industrial IT & IIoT Projects

Production Managers need better Industrial Communications to visualise and analyse manufacturing data, enabling them to make business decisions in real-time.

Explore some of the Cyber Secure designs and implementations of Industrial Networks, IT | OT, and IIoT systems that we have delivered to industrial companies across different verticals in the UK & EMEA.

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Benefits of Secure, Agile Industrial IT & Industrial Networking

Secure Industrial IT allows the enablement of IIoT, which helps achieve efficiencies in production times, energy savings, and other benefits.


Costs Reduction

Coming from the reduction of Cyber threats and the optimisation of O&M Cost Centres.


Efficiency Increase

From improvements in workforce efficiency and reductions in production and machinery downtime.


Network Design, Implementation & Support

We design resilient and efficient communication architectures for you to visualise and analyse production data in real-time. But, we don't stop there.


Besides all the advice you may need to improve your Industrial IT, we help you with the installation of all the Networking Systems you need, and offer you premium Industrial Networks support.

Through all of our services you'll get:

Industrial Environments Specialisation

We have experience in implementing networks that securely handle data on a large scale, cater to real-time needs, meet specialist

security requirements and are able to efficiently operate in harsh environments.

Industrial IT Industrial Specialism
Industrial IT Industrial Cybersecurity

Industrial Cyber Security

For us, Cyber Security is much more than simple Ransomeware prevention. Through the years, we've come to understand what is key for industrials to protect their assets and be resilient.


Speed, Integration & Scalability.... Through our IIoT Stages and LSD+T method, we deliver projects at a fast speed and at any scale, integrating Enterprise systems, Legacy systems or any Industrial system you may have.

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Industrial IT
Industrial IT

Industrial IT vs Enterprise IT

Industrial IT
Industrial IT
Industrial IT

An enterprise, or corporate network, is the communications backbone of a business that connects computers and devices across departments, facilitating data accessibility. Then, it should be a good idea to use it to connect everything in your plant, right?


Hold up... because what you really need is an Industrial Network. An infrastructure able to securely handle communications and data on a large scale, catering to real-time needs, with special security requirements and able to work in rough environments.

Industrial IT has special requirements to connect Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and OT that are found across a large range of asset-intensive sectors performing diverse tasks, ranging from monitoring critical infrastructure (CI) to controlling robots and automation on the plant floor.

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Industrial IT
Industrial IT
Industrial IT
Industrial IT

Industrial IT, the Core of IIoT

Industrial Networks & IT are the central enablers of IIoT, Data Sharing, Industrial Cyber Security, Automation, and the creation of Digital Twins. Hence, they are core to Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing. Big buzzwords.

Industrial IT
Industrial IT
Industrial IT
Industrial IT
Industrial IT
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Industrial IT
Industrial IT
Industrial IT
Industrial IT
Industrial IT
Industrial IT

To achieve exponential efficiencies, it is not enough to digitally transform your operations by simply controlling machinery through OT. Today is key to connect machinery and OT to Enterprise and IT systems (OT/IT Convergence), and to thousands of Apps that help manufacturers to access advanced analytics and boost production processes.

Without Industrial-grade Networks that safely connect everything together on the factory floor and to the Internet, that just wouldn't be possible.

So, what do you need from Industrial IT to begin an IIoT & Digital Transformation journey?

Digital Transformation Industrial IT

Deploy with us secure Industrial IT technologies to enable IIoT within your organisation through our IIoT partners, enhance productivity, and boost your digital transformation journey. Just follow the next steps:

Start gathering data
Record and Analyse: Use your log, operational transactional & diagnostic information.

Scale to other plants
Repeat the cycle: Quickly deploy new infrastructures with Secure-Designs.

Become Smart
Explore advanced analytics, logic, predictive behaviour & Digital Twins.

We can assist you through this journey...


IT | OT Convergence

It is quite common in industrial settings to find IT departments and systems totally disconnected from their OT counterparts. Here is why it is important to have them working together, and what we do about it...

IT OT Convergence with Polestar IIoT, ISA 95, Purdue Architecture, Industrial IT, Industrial Networks

To succeed in a digital transformation project, it is critical to have a well-designed and seamless integration of the company's business (IT) and operational (OT) data. For processes to be analysed in-depth and optimised, sensors and machinery need to be integrated into the management of industrial environments (such as those for water treatment, electric power and factories).


When paired with Edge Computing, Industrial IT enables OT towards an IIoT model. As OT devices are not traditionally networked technology, they need this convergence to acquire the capability to collect, transfer and analyse data. Traditional OT devices, sensors, for example, can collect data, but themselves cannot transmit the data over a large network or perform any sort of in-depth analysis on that data.

This is what is called IT/OT integration, or IT/OT convergence, and it takes in so much more than a simple checklist of technology must-haves.

Successful IT/OT integrations require trained managers to lead a comprehensive organisational change that more than often includes a skills transfer programme, insightful data governance, and a combination of secure communication infrastructures with, of course, state-of-the-art technologies.

This comprehensive planning of your business Leadership, Skills, Data and Technology is what we call the LSD+T approach, and is key to properly integrate IT & OT systems, or implement any digital technology.


Through the years we have witnessed how leadership based on collaborative work with directors, managers, engineers, and operators from key departments increases the efficiencies when implementing IIoT and digital projects.


We also believe that convergence means helping our customers ‘learn lessons’ and share knowledge across the different business units. This is the sole reason why is necessary to create skills transferring plans.


Additionally, we highly suggest defining all the data management structures and secure data architectures to improve the resilience of your systems and your business assets, including critical information.


Finally, you need to make an informed decision when choosing adequate tech tools that are Cyber Secure, and allow tailoring, scalability and agile implementations.

We got you covered from End-to-end. To receive guidance on an IT/OT Convergence project you might have, just contact us, or access our IIoT Consulting programmes page.

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How to execute the IoT Strategy?


Which is the right data architecture?


Which digital skills are needed?


Which are the right technologies?


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We work closely with technology companies such as Cisco, FANUC and Siemens to deliver comprehensive Industrial IT & IIoT solutions for Manufacturers...

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