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Industrial IoT Solutions and Industry 4.0 Technologies delivered to our Industrial and Manufacturing Customers

Polestar's IIoT Projects

Discover which Industrial IoT Solutions and Industry 4.0 Technologies we have delivered to our customers:

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For better quality in production, Polestar implemented a secure-by-design network, able to connect MES in a greenfield facility. This made it possible to efficiently track, control, and optimise manufacturing.

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Integration of hardware and software with existing factory lines and process systems to avoid downtime. New network implementation to comply with government standards for healthcare & pharmaceutical production.

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Polestar developed and implemented
a functional, reliable, failover solution utilising Double-Take software to ensure high-availability of Carlsberg’s critical systems.

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Polestar has been working with the Carlsberg Group globally in all 3 regions since 2003, providing consultancy, strategic decision making and High Availability / Cyber Security policy and processes.

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One part reliability, one part undiluted security, and no added downtime – A recipe for success for all beverage producers. So when a well-known multi-national in this industry required a more effective automation IT layer, they called us.

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Polestar provided a qualified and experienced IT team to London based Delta Technology. Our staff underwent an initial security clearance review and were also subsequently checked every 6 months to ensure that they conformed to Delta’s security policy. 

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IoT Consulting & Digital Transformation

Interested in knowing how to achieve similar manufacturing efficiencies in your industrial plants?

What manufacturers say:

"Polestar enabled us to re-utilise our existing network hardware to realise exceptional performance increases and make the management of the network much simpler."

- Graeme Walker, Group Senior Automation Manager, Carlsberg U.K.

Unified Wired & Wireless Industrial Solutions

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Polestar's IIoT Whitepapers

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