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IoT Cisco Siemens Gateway

for Business & Industrial Environments

Boost up your company's Digital Transformation with our Industrial-grade IoT Gateway Devices. Enhance your Operations through data-based/AI decision-making, powered by state-of-the-art Connectivity and Computing Technology.

IoT Gateways for Industrial Settings

IoT Gateways Portfolio
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 Connect, manage and process data in remote or harsh environments. By computing at the edge you can reduce the load at the Cloud or to your Data Center, saving bandwidth, reducing latency and optimising on-site decision-making.


A gateway between production and higher-level IT or the Cloud to enable connectivity from industrial assets to MES, ERP, SCADA and Analytics Apps.

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Protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security risks. These gateways watch and filter network traffic between IoT devices and the Internet or a Local Network.


Industrial network cabling for harsh environments with enterprise-class features.

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After designing your WAN & LAN networks and choosing the right industrial hardware, we proceed with the installation of your data cabling, WiFi networks and IT Systems. If your network needs an update, or your systems are coming to their EOL, we help you manage their replacements.

IT OT Convergence

Full support when you need it

A fully outsourced helpdesk service to take care of all your IoT problems and answer your questions.


With a careful eye on your IT systems, we are able to tackle problems when they occur, reducing downtime and keeping your systems safe.

IT OT Convergence

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