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IoT Cisco Siemens Gateway

for Business & Industrial Environments

Boost up your company's Digital Transformation with our Industrial-grade IoT Gateway Devices. Enhance your Operations through data-based/AI decision-making, powered by state-of-the-art Connectivity and Computing Technology.

IoT Gateways for Industrial Settings

IoT Gateway Types
Edge to Cloud IoT Gateways

 Connect, manage and process data in remote or harsh environments. By computing at the edge you can reduce the load at the Cloud or to your Data Center, saving bandwidth, reducing latency and optimising on-site decision-making.


A gateway between production and higher-level IT or the Cloud to enable connectivity from industrial assets to MES, ERP, SCADA and Analytics Apps.

Security IoT Gateways

Protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security risks. These gateways watch and filter network traffic between IoT devices and the Internet or a Local Network.

Gateway solutions with Industrial security features that include Authentication, Encryption, Acces Control & Policy Enforcement, Software-defined Networks, Firewalling, Intrusion Detection/Prevention and Vulnerability scanning. 

Mobile IoT Gateways

These solutions link devices to any network or the internet utilising cellular or wireless communication protocols. Process and analyse mobile asset data closer to its origin, at the edge or in the cloud in real-time for location and operation monitoring /management.

Our mobile IoT gateways are supported by Data SIMs, RFID or RTLS technologies, accordingly to your identification and location needs.

Bridge the IT/OT Gap

Each of our IoT Gateway Devices is engineered to deliver reliability and peak performance, ensuring the seamless operation of your facilities. Some of the advantages of bridging the IT/OT Gap with our Gateways and Convergence Services include: 

Check the features embedded in all the IoT Gateways we work with:

Data Transfer & Protocol Management

Automatically select protocols according to the amount and frequency of data to be transferred and where. Control streaming, filtering, and storage to minimise delays and ensure device fidelity.

Edge Pre-processing

Aggregate, summarise, and synchronise traffic at the edge from different devices & protocols, reducing the volume of data forwarded to the cloud while. The network's load and latency remain balanced.

Device Management and Configuration

Manage the speed, cadence and performance of the  communications infrastructure at your different operation sites. Access real-time asset location, identification and commissioning.

System Integration

Intermediate between IoT devices, central networks, mobile networks,  or the cloud, enabling data transferring, and asset and process management into legacy systems or new developments.

Interconnect geographically dispersed facilities to each other for coordinated operations, process standardisation and data aggregation. Enable remote management, improve decision-making and support business objectives.


Modular design, scalable processing power, multi-protocol support for diverse device connectivity, cloud integration, edge computing capabilities, and load balancing for changeable volumes of data.

Cloud Connectivity

Seamless, secure connectivity with cloud platforms and systems for device management and expanding data processing / storing capabilities. Enable AI capabilities and IT Automation.

Enhanced Security

Implement trusted identities, strong encryption, and crypto authentication schemes, along with redundancy mechanisms to ensure high availability and zero-trust policy compliance.

Real-time Data Analysis

Allow on-site plant managers, engineers and operators to access actionable machinery, process and product insights in real-time, whilst enabling higher-level data analysis for Operation Managers.

IoT Services & Support

Polestar helps you to discover which are your data, security and infrastructure needs for the implementation/update of IoT communication systems. 

We develop a visual representation of your 'to-be' network and integrate physical connections; quantity, type, and location of all devices and endpoints; IP addresses; and security processes.

We dedicate appropriate time and resources to the design process to create a network that is easy to manage, cost-effective, and ready to scale.

Based on our industrial expertise we will help your organisation sort digitalisation and integration challenges, creating a long-term plan for technology adoption.

Network security is built in during the early design stages to prevent incompatibility of security tools.

We create a list of the specific resilience challenges of your organisation (security incidents, network issues, operations downtime, or scale up / down needs) and use these scenarios to test the network design's ability to respond.

Our IT services include Cloud and On-premise systems implementation and migration, Data Centre Installations, System & Network Integration, IT Procurement, Network Auditing Services, Networking Systems Implementation and Configuration, Structured Cabling, and In-life support.

We also develop IQ OQ PQ Documentation, IT/OT Integration Policies, and other Compliance Documentation.

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