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Industry 4.0 Technologies in the UK, IIoT Platform

We design, install, configure, and optimise your industrial networks and systems. Secure your industrial communications with our IT & Networking Services.

We are, by definition, Industrial Network Integrators and IT Service Providers for Manufacturers across the UK & Europe.
Our technical expertise range across a variety of Operating Systems, Networks, and Databases. We are vendor-independent and work along with a wide IIoT Partner Ecosystem to offer our customers a comprehensive Digital Transformation approach with Industrial Networking & Cyber Security at its core.

Our services and solutions can securely and efficiently connect entire production lines, stream data in real-time, and boost plant performance.

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We help you to discover which are your data, infrastructure and security needs for the implementation of the FIELD system within your factory. 

After the Consulting and Design phases are completed, we will assign you a Project Manager to proceed with the installation planning.

We help you through the whole installation process, whether you decide for us to do so on-premise or to perform remote commissioning of the system.

Depending on your circumstances, we may need to install cabling and other networking systems if required.

We will assist you through FANUC's FIELD System Support Services and offer direct support on additional components.

Polestar will liaise with vendors and partners to de-commission the system's box and arrange back shipments to re-furbish it for any new deployments you may have.


What can you do in the Factory Floor with our
Industrial Networks & IIoT Systems?

Networking Switches

Industrial Ethernet Switching Components & Services.

A comprehensive offering of industrial network solutions for resilient and flawless interaction between OT and IT systems. Network components, software and network consulting. Filter and forward network packets from one device to another.

Intent-based networking with enterprise-class features for harsh environments.

Connect applications across your cloud, data center, and edge locations. Intent-based Routing Systems that transform the WAN edge by delivering the best of SD-WAN, security, edge compute and 5G-ready connectivity.

Cableless communications between devices, ICS & people on the factory floor.

Hight reliability in industrial control system environments. Our wireless systems offer robust scalability, visibility and control needed to manage thousands of wireless points from a single location.

Network Management

Digital Network Architectures to manage production data & optimise operations.

Manage your multi-policy network environments and develop an integrated, smarter, and more intuitive Industrial Network. Improve performance and spend less time managing your network.

Polestar, Cisco & Dispel Industrial SD-WANs for Secure Industrial Connectivity.

With our Software-Defined networking in Wide Area Networks, you can deliver routing, efficient offloading of expensive circuits, threat protection, and simplification of WAN network management.

Secure Network Access with Polestar, Dispel & Cisco Cyber Vision.

Build your next-generation branch or facility network with an automated and secure connectivity solution. It is cloud-driven for agility, wireless first, secure, and data-optimised for industrial insights.


More IoT Services

As a Network Integration Company we leverage our extensive expertise in IoT and our IT capabilities to deliver bespoke IIoT strategies and implement technologies & processes, boosting operations and helping manufacturers to become industry leaders.


An Edge Architecture Approach to Security

Often, it’s cost-prohibitive for organisations to buy the number of security appliances they need to cover their entire operational environment.


Or, the networking team doesn’t have the resources to deploy, maintain, and manage a fleet of security appliances.

Fortunately, there is a better approach to securing the OT environment.


Read the paper below, which introduces three architectural approaches available today that provides the visibility and security OT and IT teams need at scale, without requiring additional resources.

Digital Network Cables

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Our Industrial IT Partners Ecosystem:

We are independent Network & Systems Integrators that help manufacturers streamline and optimise their supply chains end to end, bringing in unbiased digital manufacturing solutions to drive agility.
Find out more about some of our partners...

Cisco Partner IoT Authorised for Routers and Switches, Cisco Meraki, Cybervision, ISE, TrustSec, Cisco IND, UCS and Cisco Clarity
Siemens Partners logo for Siemens Automation Drives, Siemens Mindsphere IBM, Siemens Opcenter, MES, Claroty Remote Access, Siemens SIMATIC, SCADA, IPC, and Siemens Sinema Servers
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Secure Remote Access Software Vendor for Industrial Remote Maintenance, Dispel Enterprise-Grade SRA, Preventive Maintenance, EU Brexit Industrial Remote Workers, High Compliance Industry, High Compliance Requirements from the Government, Government Standards, Pharma, Financial, Medical Equipment, Healthcare, Food Manufacturing, FMCG, Industrial Secure Access to PLC, MES and SCADA & Cybersecurity
Nexor Partner Logo for Secure Data Transfer, Network Security, Data Diodes, Data Cybersecurity, Secure Information Exchange Architectures, SIXA
Nozomi Networks Partner for ICS Cybersecurity, OT IT IoT Security Management, and Network Security
Airista Flow Partner for IRIS & RTLS Asset Tracking Industrial Remote Interconnect Service, UVS with AI Processing, Industrial Unified Vision Solution
Energy Management Control Systems, EMCS Crowley Carbon Partners for PLANT AND PROCESS OPTIMISATION FOR MANUFACTURING

Network Design, Implementation & Support

We design resilient and efficient communication architectures for you to visualise and analyse production data in real-time. But, we don't stop there.


Besides all the advice you may need to improve your Industrial IT, we help you with the installation of all the Networking Systems you need, and offer you premium Industrial Networks support.

Through all of our services you'll get:

Industrial Environments Specialisation

We have experience in implementing networks that securely handle data on a large scale, cater to real-time needs, meet specialist

security requirements and are able to efficiently operate in harsh environments.

Industrial IT Industrial Specialism
Industrial IT Industrial Cybersecurity

Industrial Cyber Security

For us, Cyber Security is much more than simple Ransomeware prevention. Through the years, we've come to understand what is key for industrials to protect their assets and be resilient.


Speed, Integration & Scalability.... Through our IIoT Stages and LSD+T method, we deliver projects at a fast speed and at any scale, integrating Enterprise systems, Legacy systems or any Industrial system you may have.

DevOps Agile Process Industrial IT

Network Integration Case Studies