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IoT & Industry 4.0 Technologies in the UK

Are you IIoT Ready?

Polestar's Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies and services will move your enterprise further, making it radically connected, secure and smart, Anytime, anywhere.

Begin your Digital Transformation through a staged IIoT Strategy and our unique LSD+t methodology.

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Industries are driven by constant and quick change. To cope, adapt, lead and thrive production plants need to connect their machinery, Operational Technology (OT) and IT systems together, harnessing secure-by-design networks, cloud systems, data, automation and AI to boost production and reach peak performance.

Polestar IIoT services offer manufacturers optimised operations through implementing a series of tested best practices and solutions for embedding connectivity, security and intelligence in their plants and continue building a better and more sustainable business.

Including the creation of new business models, reduction of product launching times, energy efficiency, and others.

Benefits of IIoT Technologies

Cost Reduction



In manufacturing at a mature implementation stage.



Efficiency Increase

From improvements in workforce efficiency and downtime reductions.

Want your factory be all of this?

See how we can help:

How to achieve Digital Transformation?

IIoT Technologies are great to enhance productivity. For that, your manufacturing plants need to become:

IIoT Strategy


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Explore analytics, logic & predictive behaviour.


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Record data of transactions, logs & diagnostics.


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Implement security features, element encoding & factor authentication.


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Build interfaces, communication and a secure-by-design network.


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Ensure physical needs: power, connectivity, climate & value.

Polestar IIoT Technologies UK: Polestar Digital Transformation
Polestar IIoT Technologies UK: Polestar Digital Transformation

What we are all 'bout!

What Global Manufacturers Say...

Unified Wired & Wireless Industrial Solutions
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Implementation of a secure-by-design network to connect the customers Manufacturing Execution System (Siemens).

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Integration of hardware and software with existing factory lines and a Cisco UCS. New network implementation to comply with government standards.

of a failover solution utilising Double-Take software to ensure high-availability of Carlsberg’s critical systems.

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