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IIoT Platform

Connect & Unify your Factories. We design and implement the best-in-class IIoT-Edge Platform, FANUC's Intelligent Edge Link & Drive.

IIoT Solution
IIoT Solution
IIoT Solution
IIoT Solution

FIELD system allows users to connect any production machine or device, regardless of brand or generation - in a single, unified and powerful system. It grants manufacturers secure Edge access to their production data, and Cloud access to hundreds of third-party Apps, tailored to every management need.

Industrial Networking Solutions can help you to securely and efficiently connect entire production lines to the FIELD System, stream data in real-time, and improve plant performance.

What can you do on the Factory Floor with the FIELD System and our Industrial Networking Services?

Benefits of the FIELD System for Manufacturers

Industrial Edge IIoT Platform FIELD System FANUC

The FIELD system is ‘edge-heavy’ and collects and processes all production data at source. You can decide whether to keep your production data on-site, or to process it further in Cloud Apps.

IIoT Platform FIELD System FANUC

Improved Machinery Uptime

Monitor production and the performance of all your devices. Flag any that are not operating at intended capacity. Perform waveform failure analysis. Receive preventive maintenance alerts and improve the lifetime of your factory devices.

IIoT Platform FIELD System FANUC

Reduced Energy Consumption

Detect whether all connected machines are running regularly or not, monitor their power consumption levels, and make informed decisions. Connect Energy Management Apps to achieve energy efficiencies.

IIoT Platform FIELD System FANUC

Design data-based processes, make predictions about machine behaviours or potential failures. With our Apps, you can visualise the whole production process and detect whether all connected machines are running regularly or not.

IIoT Platform FIELD System FANUC

Better Overall Equipment Efficiency

Captures the OEE data of the entire production system in real-time and visualise it on a dashboard for better decision making.

IIoT Platform FIELD System FANUC

Reduced Consumables' Costs

With our machine monitoring systems, you can get insights from performance information related to change history and consumables, helping you with a granular tracking of what your factory devices are spending.

FIELD System

The best choice you have as the backbone of your smart manufacturing strategy.

Cloud Infrastructures.

IIoT Platform FIELD System Polestar

Machine tools, Robots, PLCs and Sensors.

How does the FIELD System work?
The FIELD system collects and analyses machine data locally (on-premise) and at the Edge, speeding up data analysis on-site. This information can be used to control or improve the production process immediately.

For comparisons between different factory locations, customers can choose to store and
analyse selected machine status data in an external cloud.

The FIELD system can be linked to higher-level in-plant systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). FIELD can even be configured to interact with any cloud-based platform.


As a Network Integration Company we leverage our extensive expertise in IIoT, Cyber Security and our Industrial IT capabilities to seamless implement the FIELD System for manufacturers of any size or vertical.


Our Industrial Networking Services for FIELD

We help you to discover which are your data, infrastructure and security needs for the implementation of the FIELD system within your factory. 

After the Consulting and Design phases are completed, we will assign you a Project Manager to proceed with the installation planning.

We help you through the whole installation process, whether you decide for us to do so on-premise or to perform remote commissioning of the system.

Depending on your circumstances, we may need to install cabling and other networking systems if required.

We will assist you through FANUC's FIELD System Support Services and offer direct support on additional components.

Polestar will liaise with vendors and partners to de-commission the system's box and arrange back shipments to re-furbish it for any new deployments you may have.

We are, by definition, Industrial Network Integrators and IT Service Providers for Manufacturers across the UK & Europe.
Our technical expertise range across a variety of Operating Systems, Networks, and Databases. We are vendor-independent and work along with a wide IIoT Partner Ecosystem to offer our customers a comprehensive Digital Transformation approach with Industrial Networking & Cyber Security at its core.

Our services and solutions can securely and efficiently connect entire production lines, stream data in real-time, and boost plant performance.

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