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Strategy in Manufacturing

Christmas Cookies

Cutting & Baking

About this Web Event

The second of our Q4-2020 webinar series: Explore with us the journey to be IIoT ready.

* Please pre-book your attendance here - We have a 

   limited number of slots that are likely to be booked

   out early, so please confirm your attendance as soon     as you can.

IT & OT Policies in Manufacturing

How the creation of these policies can support an IIoT strategy to improve efficiency and boost productivity?

Speaking: Julian Smith, Polestar Interactive; and a guest from a global manufacturing company.

Pre-Register to the event using the form below:

In this webinar, along with Siemens and a leader from a global manufacturing company, we will explore the journey needed to be IIoT ready and how organisations can assess their preparedness to deploy IT & OT solutions to maximise their benefits.

During the event, we will discuss the flaws of a cookie-cutter approach when designing an IIoT strategy and why any enterprise need to customize their implementation process. Finally, we will hold a cookie baking competition to win an IIoT strategy consultancy, along with an additional prize (TBC).

Also, there will be a focus on cybersecurity for the OT domain. The schedule for the day will be:

Wednesday the 9th of Dec, 2020. 12:00-14:00

Creating IT & OT Policies

Which is the route map for creating such policies?

Speaking: Senior IIoT Expert from Siemens, (TBC).

Cookie Cutting & Baking

Enjoy a break making tasty gingerbread cookies for Christmas while discussing IIoT readiness: Is it possible to take a "Cookie Cutter" approach?

Speaking & Guiding: Louise Sturman, 

Polestar Interactive​.

* The Cookie Baking Boxset and Kindle competition registrations are now closed.

   Register to join the webinar. Subject to Availability. UK Delivery Only.

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Cookie Cutting & Baking Competition

Enjoy of a session learning how to cut, bake and decorate cookies for Christmas!

During the baking we will have a session to help you assess your company's preparedness to implement IIoT technologies.

There will be also two prizes (One Kindle Fire and a Free Strategy Consultancy) for the best pictures taken and uploaded to social media with the hashtags #ChristmasCookieChallenge and #PolestarCookies (on LinkedIn or Twitter).


More info about the challenge here!

Cookie Cutting & Baking

Who can attend?

This webinar is directed at CEOs, CTOs, COOs, Production Managers, Heads of Engineering, Network Managers, Security & Control Engineers, and similar from Manufacturing enterprises, interested in moving ahead with their Automation and IoT projects.

Nevertheless, if we find some spaces available we will welcome other professional profiles interested in joining.

Can't Make it to this Session?

No hurries, no worries...

We have more going on during 2021.

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