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Remote Access to Cloud Automation Portal & PLC

Remote access to your Industrial Control Systems works the same as your local setup. Things you usually do locally can be done via a VPN connection so you don’t have to be on-site with the machines. Think of programming the PLC so the machine’s requirements are met, monitoring machine states in detail, and taking control of your desktop.

Industrial remote access enables you to access all your equipment, including PLCs, HMIs, robots and devices, from any plant in the world. You can view and control the same remote screen as on site.

In the following video we will show you how to connect a cloud-based instance of Siemens TIA Portal v17 located in our Dispel cloud (our preferred Secure Remote Access app), and a PLC located at our office in our Nottingham HQ.

Our Remote Access platform will allow you to efficiently manage in one place the remote access to all your industrial equipment by authorised users including PLCs and Cloud Automation Portals.

Our colleague will walk you through how this is done, and he will show you how he can make changes to a live production schedule, remotely. You can see the impact of the changes to the programme running on the PLC in real time - all without having to visit a site or having any software tooling running on-site!

Goodbye and good riddance to insecure apps like VNC, rogue Windows Remote Desktop installs and unmanaged instances of TeamViewer.

Contact us for a demo.

ROI of a Remote Access Platform

Some of the benefits you can enjoy with our cloud-based TIA Portal service are:

  • Increased speed for production schedule management and decision-making.

  • Faster commissioning and production status check-ups.

  • Cost reduction on Automation licensing (one instance only required for multiple sites).

Contact us for a demo.

Remote connectivity to your PLC and other Industrial Control Systems

To enable remote connectivity for your PLC and other automation equipment installed in your plants, simply link it to a Polestar EdgeBox that has been set up to connect securely to a Cloud Remote Access account. The configuration of the EdgeBox is very straightforward and can be achieved in just a few minutes. Different internet interface options are available, including wireless, to ensure successful connectivity at any location, anytime.

After setting up the gateway, you can use our Cloud App on any PC to securely connect to your machine in just a couple clicks. Once the connection is established, you get access to the PLC and other devices behind the EdgeBox, as if they were connected to your PC through a single LAN cable. You can therefore use TIA Portal or any programming tool to work on your PLC, as if you were standing next to your equipment.

The gateway can poll data from a wide range of devices, including Siemens PLC, thanks to its support of a large number of protocols such as OPC UA, Modbus and the S7 Protocol.

This is how it's done for remote PLC management and production scheduling:

Starting a session:

Log in to the dispel dashboard

Connecting to the Automation Portal

Open up the TIA Portal App

Open the Simulation Project

Look up for the Program Blocks

Go Online

Connecting to the PLC.

Checking the Simulation Program Blocks

Changing program values

Stablishing new sequences

Starting a machine.

Starting a process

Manipulation of the PLC

Logging Off

Additional benefits of remote connectivity to ICS

Remote access to the PLC is indispensable for manufacturers and machine builders. Quick access to machines is mandatory. Use cases of remote access include remote support, remote programming, remote troubleshooting, remote monitoring and remote commissioning. Other benefits of implementing a Remote Access platform include:

  • Optimising the uptime of your machines through quick troubleshooting

  • Reducing costs and stress by travelling less for support

  • Increasing the productivity of your engineers.

Contact us for a demo.


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