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IT Consulting, IT&OT, IT Services, IoT, IIoT

OT & IT Consulting

Polestar's expertise in the Industrial IoT sector is second to none.

We provide a seamless experience for customers wanting to integrate IoT solutions into their business, to increase efficiency and productivity.


With Polestar, you will have a dedicated Project Manager to offer you all the support and guidance you need to connect your IT with your OT.

IT Consulting, OT Consulting, IT/OT Convergence
IT Project Management

Two heads are better than one

There's no substitute for experience. Especially when it comes to investing time, money and effort into a new project.


Experience is key

Polestar can offer you all the support you need. Our team of IoT specialists have experience in handling projects for a variety of different businesses in the manufacturing, utilities, transport and healthcare sectors.

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