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Claim your free Security Life cycle Review from Polestar in collaboration with Palo Alto Networks and find out what's really happening with your network. 

When network security is breached, it's easy for people to to point the finger of blame. But avoiding a breach is always better than hunting for answers afterwards. So find out when you're most at risk now - and take action immediately. 

To arrange your free and confidential Security Lifecycle Review, please submit your details on the form below, which will also give you immediate access to a sample report. Our team will then be in touch. 


Why do I need this?


Previously, legacy firewalls were good for keeping networks secure. A business could control traffic based on simply ports and protocols and be okay. However, with current technology and applications the way they are, this is no longer enough. Applications can use evasive tactics such as port hopping, tunnelling, and SSL encryption to evade current detection systems. Ransomware and the need to protect end points are also extending the network and using a mix of legacy point products doesn’t give you the overall view of your network that you need.

What's the point? I don't have any problems with my security.

Unfortunately, traditional security systems and firewalls cannot see what they’re not looking for. Security systems implement a negative security model, where firewalls allow everything and block known applications. At Palo Alto Networks, we have flipped this over in our firewalls; we use a positive enforcement model where we deny everything by default (so that unknown applications will not get through) and allow applications
specifically identified by the administrator. Having an SLR will not cost anything and you are under no
obligation at all. You’ll get a detailed report showing all your network traffic, highlighting volumes, potential risks
and threats – both known and unknown and we can leave this with you.

What will the SLR tell me?

  • Which applications are in use, and the potential risks to exposure

  • Specific details on ways adversaries are attempting to breach your network 

  • Comparison data for your organisation, versus that of your industry peers 

  • Actionable intelligence - key areas you can focus on immediately to reduce your risk exposure

What will happen?


Working with Palo Alto Networks, we will attach a passive device to your network, which will simply monitor the network traffic for a short period - usually 1-2 weeks. This won't interfere in any way with your network or applications, but will allow us to prepare a detailed report for you, showing you all the potential risks and threats, ransomware and even employee behaviour that could be opening the network to risks - such as downloading unauthorised applications. 

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