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  • 2-Hr Customised Session

    💻🏭 Get your digitalisation projects off the ground, resolve technical issues on your production network, or improve the Cyber Security within your production environment in less than 2 hours. ◾ Are you concerned about Cyber Security on your production environment? ◾ Do you need assistance getting a digitalisation project off the ground? ◾ Do you need help resolving a technical issue on your production network? These are just a few of the IoT & Industrial Network concerns the Polestar Team can help you with. Large transformation projects, increasing Cyber Security concerns and dealing with ongoing technical issues on your network can often feel complex and overwhelming when you’re also juggling day-to-day operational activities. Our expert resources can help you break down that complexity and give you guidance on where to start. Access our Specialist Engineers' expertise and industry insights in a session that is customised to your business needs. We will probe your networking issues or projects, have a discussion to give you quick guidance to overcome pitfalls, and draft together the best solutions. Begin to achieve peak production. To help guide the objective of your 2-Hr consultation, here are some examples of sessions we have had with our customers: 💾 Digitalisation Projects: Kick-off your digital transformation projects. We'll guide you through the process from End-to-End. 🩺 Production Network Troubleshooting: We'll assess your network issues together, and give you tips and guidance on solving common pitfalls. 🌍 Remote Production: Discuss with us the security and efficiency requirements for remote commissioning & accessing your ICS. 🔒 Cyber Security Improvement: Let us get a pulse of your security systems and configurations to plan a cyber security upgrade. 💻 Agile Bespoke Consulting: Simply talk to us to get quick access to our experts' knowledge on Digital Transformation and/or Data Management. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📅 2-Hour Customised Session, £350.00 ex VAT. What is the process? 〄 Send us a short description of your issue / project. 〄 We will assign your session to the most qualified and knowledgeable engineer in that subject. 〄 Fill in a questionnaire to enable us to drill down into your requirement further. 〄 Set a date for the session and receive a summary of the consultation, including insights, guidance, additional resources and next steps.

  • 1-Hr Group Session

    💻🏭 Free Industrial IoT Assessment & Consulting Session ◾ Are you concerned about Cyber Security on your production environment? ◾ Do you need assistance getting a digitalisation project off the ground? ◾ Do you need help resolving a technical issue on your production network? These are just a few of the IoT & Industrial Network concerns the Polestar Team can help you with. Access our Specialist Engineers' expertise and industry insights, here are some examples of sessions we have had with our customers: 💾 Digitalisation Projects. 🦾 Industrial Automation & IoT. 🩺 OT Networks Troubleshooting. 🌍 Remote Access to ICS or Remote Commissioning. 🔒 Industrial Cyber Security & Business Resiliency. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📅 1-Hour Group Session, £0.00-Free! 5-10 participants. How does it work? 〄 Send us a short description of your issues / projects to, with the subject being: 1-Hr Group Session Booking. 〄 We will arrange a session with other attendees with similar needs and the most qualified and knowledgeable engineer in those subjects. 〄 During the session we will discuss your needs and give you guidance on how to approach some solutions.

  • Digital Transformation Gold Programme

    Tailored Industry 4.0 Gold Consulting Programme. Digital Transformation Planning Programme & IoT Consulting in the UK: Improve Manufacturing Efficiency through the use of technology in your production process. IoT, Industrial IoT, IoT Technology, IoT Applications, IoT Solutions, Network IoT, Industrial Networks, Cybersecurity for Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology, IoT in Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing Technologies, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Implementation of Advanced Analytics & Data Science, Consultancy on the selection and design of scalable IT architectures and platforms, Systems Lifecycle Management, Training and qualification in Industrial IoT Technologies in the UK. Contact us to further discuss:

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  • Limited Cisco Offers and Promotions - 2021

    For a limited time, we are making it simpler and more cost-effective for you to explore the possibilities of IoT. Contact us to redeem our 2021 Cisco IoT Offers. Take advantage of these time-limited IoT promotions. They are designed to help you uncover the power of Industrial IoT! CYBER VISION, DNA & CATALYST IE SWITCHING OFFERS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OFFER 1: 1 YEAR OF CYBER VISION & DNA Bundle Options: IE-3400-1YE-CV-BUN (Network Essentials) IE-3400-1YA-CV-BUN (Network Advantage) Find out more. Download the Brochure of this Cisco IoT Offer: REDEEM THE "1-yr of Cybervision & DNA" OFFER HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OFFER 2: BUY 4 FOR THE PRICE OF 3 SWITCHES Options: IE-3200-POE-E-BUN: Fixed DIN rail switch, 2x 1G fiber ports, 8x PoE/PoE+ ports (power budget 240W) IE-3300-POE-E-BUN: Modular DIN rail switch, 2x 1G fiber ports, Up to 24x PoE/PoE+ ports (power budget 360W) Want to find out more? Download the Brochure of this Cisco IoT Offer: REDEEM THE "Buy 4 Pay 3 Switches" OFFER HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OFFER 3: 10G FOR THE PRICE OF 1G What's included? IE-3300-C95-X-BUN: 1 Catalyst® 9500, 8 Cisco Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Add-Ons with 18% Off: Power Supplies, SD-Cards, Expansion Modules, Cisco DNA Licences Learn more. Download the Brochure of this Cisco IoT Offer: REDEEM THE "10G for the Price of 1G" OFFER HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OFFER 4: 90%-OFF IN CYBER VISION Promo Options: 3-year license, Network Essentials (IE3400-DNA-CV-3YE) 3-year license, Network Advantage (IE3400-DNA-CV-3YA) 5-year license, Network Essentials (IE3400-DNA-CV-5YE) 5-year license, Network Advantage (IE3400-DNA-CV-5YA) Want to find out more? Download the Brochure for this Cisco IoT Offer: REDEEM THE "90%-Off in Cyber Vision" OFFER HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need assistance with the implementation of any Industrial Networking or Cybersecurity systems? Simply apply to our IIoT Consulting or Implementations programmes here: IIoT Consulting Programmes

  • FIELD System: An Edge IIoT Platform

    FANUC UK has announced Polestar Interactive as the first strategic network and systems integration partner for its IIoT platform, FIELD system. PBSI, the industrial media company part of the IML Group, recently announced that FANUC’s FIELD system Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform will be made available through Polestar's IIoT services in the UK and Europe. Polestar Interactive Polestar IIoT, registered in the UK as Polestar Interactive Ltd., specialises in bridging the gap between enterprise IT and OT teams and systems through the design and implementation of secure network architectures, which is core for the FIELD system to operate on high availability and resilience. FANUC UK With more than 27,5 million products installed worldwide, more than 60 years of experience in the development of CNC equipment, and more than 8000 employees, FANUC is one of the leading global manufacturers of factory automation systems. Whether it’s industrial robots, CNC systems, wire cut EDM, injection moulding machines, vertical machining centres, or its most recent IIoT platform, the FIELD System, there is nothing FANUC loves more than automation. FIELD System FIELD system (FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive system) is an open IIoT platform that improves efficiency and productivity across all manufacturing processes. Besides connecting all manufacturing devices & systems, the FIELD System also allows third-party applications and converters for devices, enhancing centralised management of equipment and data, as well as data sharing in the factory floor and across geographically dispersed plants. Through developer apps, users of the FIELD system will quickly add advanced analytics, prognostic capabilities, and new operational functions to their existing production data and processes. Julian Smith, CEO of Polestar IIoT, mentions that "Polestar is excited to be working with FANUC, a global leader in robot manufacturing, automation systems, and a pioneer in the use of IIoT technologies. Our partnership will empower industrial organisations in the UK and Europe using the FIELD system IIoT platform to improve the effectiveness and security of their operations and attain excellence in their manufacturing processes. Oliver Selby – Business Development Manager at FANUC UK, adds: The FIELD system provides industrial organisations with a fast, powerful environment in which to store and analyse their production data. We are pleased that Polestar IIoT has joined us as the first network integration partners in the UK to support our platform users in the UK and EMEA, helping them to reach optimal manufacturing operations. Read more about Polestar IIoT & FANUC's partnership here: First UK's strategic partner for FANUC's FIELD system.

  • IoT North Marketplace: Polestar's IoT Use Cases for the Industry in the UK

    We know manufacturing companies struggle coping with digital adoption due to inadequate Digital Transformation planning and slow/complex implementation. What is more, not every consultant counts with hands-on experience to deal with complex and unique plant situations that require bespoke and fast solutions. Companies end up paying consultants for telling them what they already know and sometimes, different people withhold perspective. What happens after? Consultants create their answers and then leave. They create “big ideas” and strategies but the organisation doesn’t know how to implement them. Digital Transformation for the industry demands IIoT expertise, careful planning and specialists' consultation to identify critical areas of change. IoT North compiles a list of services that can help you navigate your digitalisation journey, including our Industrial IoT consulting services. Becoming a global organisation requires enhanced resources and quality, greater investment behind technology, compliance, and direct communications between operations and the C-Suite level executives, especially EVPs of Supply. High-compliance industries are under strict government regulations in order to guarantee good/ethical practices, product safety, and to comply with strict quality standards. Secure Industrial Networks play a major role in meeting these requirements. Using appropriate Operational Technologies and IT architectures, production is enhanced through the integration of hardware and software with existing factory lines and process systems, allowing greater compliance and avoiding downtime, which is a major risk factor that impacts product safety and quality. Multi-layered secure IT architectures incorporate resilient hardware and software to avoid downtime in high compliance industries such as Food & Beverage, Healthcare, and Pharma. Deploying the right IT and OT systems paves the way for untapped production efficiencies and capabilities. Check about our Industrial Networking Services as seen in IoT North. Polestar Interactive Limited is an IIoT company in the UK. We are Network Integrators implementing Industrial IoT systems across the UK & EMEA. Cisco IoT & Siemens Automation Partners. IT & OT Convergence, Secure Industrial Networking & Cyber security. We are experienced in delivering Industrial technologies & Digital Transformation.

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  • Industrial Network Integration | Polestar IIoT | UK

    Industry 4.0 Technologies in the UK, IIoT Platform Industrial Network Integration We plan, design, install, configure, and optimise your industrial networks and systems. Networking Services We are, by definition, Industrial Network Integrators and IT Service Providers for Manufacturers across the UK & Europe. Our technical expertise range across a variety of Operating Systems, Networks , and Databases. We are vendor-independent and work along with a wide IIoT Partner Ecosystem to offer our customers a comprehensive Digital Transformation approach with Industrial Networking & Cyber security at its core. Our services and solutions can securely and efficiently connect entire production lines , stream data in real-time, and boost plant performance. Networking Systems IT & OT Convergence Networking Specialisms As a Network Integration Company we leverage our extensive expertise in IoT and our IT capabilities to deliver bespoke IIoT strategies and implement technologies & processes, boosting operations and helping manufacturers to become industry leaders. Secure-by-Design Architectures Switching & Routing IT/OT Networks Integration Remote Access to ICS, IT & OT Industrial Edge Computing IoT Enablement for Automation & Robotics Out of gallery What can you do in the Factory Floor with our Industrial Networks & IIoT Systems ? Industrial Networking Systems Networking Switches Industrial Ethernet Switching Components & Services. A comprehensive offering of industrial network solutions for resilient and flawless interaction between OT and IT systems. Network components , software and network consulting . Filter and forward network packets from one device to another. Learn More Industrial Routing Intent-based networking with enterprise-class features for harsh environments. Connect applications across your cloud, data center, and edge locations. Intent-based Routing Systems that transform the WAN edge by delivering the best of SD-WAN, security, edge compute and 5G-ready connectivity. Read More Factory Wireless Cableless communications between devices, ICS & people on the factory floor. Hight reliability in industrial control system environments. Our wireless systems offer robust scalability, visibility and control needed to manage thousands of wireless points from a single location. Know More Network Management Digital Network Architectures to manage production data & optimise operations. Manage your multi-policy network environments and develop an integrated, smarter, and more intuitive Industrial Network . Improve performance and spend less time managing your network . Cisco DNA SD-WANs Polestar , Cisco & Dispel Industrial SD-WANs for Secure Industrial Connectivity . With our Software-Defined networking in Wide Area Networks , you can deliver routing , efficient offloading of expensive circuits, threat protection, and simplification of WAN network management . Learn More Secure Networking Secure Network Access with Polestar, Dispel & Cisco Cyber Vision. Build your next-generation branch or facility network with an automated and secure connectivity solution. It is cloud-driven for agility, wireless first, secure, and data-optimised for industrial insights. Ask Us Trusted by: Our IIoT Partners Ecosystem: We are independent Network & Systems Integrators that help manufacturers streamline and optimise their supply chains end to end, bringing in unbiased digital manufacturing solutions to drive agility. Find out more about some of our partners... All Partners Industrial Networks Integration Case Studies Case Study: UCS Deployment & Secure Network for a Pharmaceutical | FMCG Producer Click here to download the full case. Cisco's UCS (Unified Computing System) help manufacturing businesses to achieve the consistency,... Case Study: Secure Networks & MES for a Modular Houses Manufacturer Read the full Case Study here. To guarantee better quality in production, the customer required the implementation of a secure by design...

  • Press | Polestar IIoT

    Polestar IIoT in the News Polestar IIoT 7 days ago 2 min FIELD System: An Edge IIoT Platform 17 Post not marked as liked Polestar IIoT Jul 7 2 min IoT North Marketplace: Polestar's IoT Use Cases for the Industry in the UK 11 Post not marked as liked Polestar IIoT Mar 12 1 min IoT2market: Polestar Industrial IoT company profile 28 Post not marked as liked Polestar IIoT Jul 3, 2017 1 min East Midlands Business Link: Nottingham’s Polestar Industrial IOT to Relocate 6 Post not marked as liked

  • IIoT Dictionary | Polestar IIoT | UK

    Polestar's Industrial IoT Dictionary Firewalls Polestar IIoT Nov 20, 2020 3 min 23 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 MES: Manufacturing Execution Systems Polestar IIoT Nov 1, 2020 2 min 47 Post not marked as liked SD-WAN Polestar IIoT Sep 14, 2020 1 min 34 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 UCS: Unified Computing Systems Polestar IIoT Sep 14, 2020 1 min 36 Post not marked as liked

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