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  • 1-Hr Group Session

    💻🏭 Free Industrial IoT Assessment & Consulting Session ◾ Are you concerned about Cyber Security on your production environment? ◾ Do you need assistance getting a digitalisation project off the ground? ◾ Do you need help resolving a technical issue on your production network? These are just a few of the IoT & Industrial Network concerns the Polestar Team can help you with. Access our Specialist Engineers' expertise and industry insights, here are some examples of sessions we have had with our customers: 💾 Digitalisation Projects. 🦾 Industrial Automation & IoT. 🩺 OT Networks Troubleshooting. 🌍 Remote Access to ICS or Remote Commissioning. 🔒 Industrial Cyber Security & Business Resiliency. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📅 1-Hour Group Session, £0.00-Free! 5-10 participants. How does it work? 〄 Send us a short description of your issues / projects to, with the subject being: 1-Hr Group Session Booking. 〄 We will arrange a session with other attendees with similar needs and the most qualified and knowledgeable engineer in those subjects. 〄 During the session we will discuss your needs and give you guidance on how to approach some solutions.

  • 2-Hr Customised Session

    💻🏭 Get your digitalisation projects off the ground, resolve technical issues on your production network, or improve the Cyber Security within your production environment in less than 2 hours. ◾ Are you concerned about Cyber Security on your production environment? ◾ Do you need assistance getting a digitalisation project off the ground? ◾ Do you need help resolving a technical issue on your production network? These are just a few of the IoT & Industrial Network concerns the Polestar Team can help you with. Large transformation projects, increasing Cyber Security concerns and dealing with ongoing technical issues on your network can often feel complex and overwhelming when you’re also juggling day-to-day operational activities. Our expert resources can help you break down that complexity and give you guidance on where to start. Access our Specialist Engineers' expertise and industry insights in a session that is customised to your business needs. We will probe your networking issues or projects, have a discussion to give you quick guidance to overcome pitfalls, and draft together the best solutions. Begin to achieve peak production. To help guide the objective of your 2-Hr consultation, here are some examples of sessions we have had with our customers: 💾 Digitalisation Projects: Kick-off your digital transformation projects. We'll guide you through the process from End-to-End. 🩺 Production Network Troubleshooting: We'll assess your network issues together, and give you tips and guidance on solving common pitfalls. 🌍 Remote Production: Discuss with us the security and efficiency requirements for remote commissioning & accessing your ICS. 🔒 Cyber Security Improvement: Let us get a pulse of your security systems and configurations to plan a cyber security upgrade. 💻 Agile Bespoke Consulting: Simply talk to us to get quick access to our experts' knowledge on Digital Transformation and/or Data Management. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📅 2-Hour Customised Session, £350.00 ex VAT. What is the process? 〄 Send us a short description of your issue / project. 〄 We will assign your session to the most qualified and knowledgeable engineer in that subject. 〄 Fill in a questionnaire to enable us to drill down into your requirement further. 〄 Set a date for the session and receive a summary of the consultation, including insights, guidance, additional resources and next steps.

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  • Remote Access to Cloud Automation Portal & PLC

    Remote access to your Industrial Control Systems works the same as your local setup. Things you usually do locally can be done via a VPN connection so you don’t have to be on-site with the machines. Think of programming the PLC so the machine’s requirements are met, monitoring machine states in detail, and taking control of your desktop. Industrial remote access enables you to access all your equipment, including PLCs, HMIs, robots and devices, from any plant in the world. You can view and control the same remote screen as on site. In the following video we will show you how to connect a cloud-based instance of Siemens TIA Portal v17 located in our Dispel cloud (our preferred Secure Remote Access app), and a PLC located at our office in our Nottingham HQ. Our Remote Access platform will allow you to efficiently manage in one place the remote access to all your industrial equipment by authorised users including PLCs and Cloud Automation Portals. Our colleague will walk you through how this is done, and he will show you how he can make changes to a live production schedule, remotely. You can see the impact of the changes to the programme running on the PLC in real time - all without having to visit a site or having any software tooling running on-site! Goodbye and good riddance to insecure apps like VNC, rogue Windows Remote Desktop installs and unmanaged instances of TeamViewer. Contact us for a demo. ROI of a Remote Access Platform Some of the benefits you can enjoy with our cloud-based TIA Portal service are: Increased speed for production schedule management and decision-making. Faster commissioning and production status check-ups. Cost reduction on Automation licensing (one instance only required for multiple sites). Contact us for a demo. Remote connectivity to your PLC and other Industrial Control Systems To enable remote connectivity for your PLC and other automation equipment installed in your plants, simply link it to a Polestar EdgeBox that has been set up to connect securely to a Cloud Remote Access account. The configuration of the EdgeBox is very straightforward and can be achieved in just a few minutes. Different internet interface options are available, including wireless, to ensure successful connectivity at any location, anytime. After setting up the gateway, you can use our Cloud App on any PC to securely connect to your machine in just a couple clicks. Once the connection is established, you get access to the PLC and other devices behind the EdgeBox, as if they were connected to your PC through a single LAN cable. You can therefore use TIA Portal or any programming tool to work on your PLC, as if you were standing next to your equipment. The gateway can poll data from a wide range of devices, including Siemens PLC, thanks to its support of a large number of protocols such as OPC UA, Modbus and the S7 Protocol. This is how it's done for remote PLC management and production scheduling: Starting a session: Log in to the dispel dashboard Connecting to the Automation Portal Open up the TIA Portal App Open the Simulation Project Look up for the Program Blocks Go Online Connecting to the PLC. Checking the Simulation Program Blocks Changing program values Stablishing new sequences Starting a machine. Starting a process Manipulation of the PLC Logging Off Additional benefits of remote connectivity to ICS Remote access to the PLC is indispensable for manufacturers and machine builders. Quick access to machines is mandatory. Use cases of remote access include remote support, remote programming, remote troubleshooting, remote monitoring and remote commissioning. Other benefits of implementing a Remote Access platform include: Optimising the uptime of your machines through quick troubleshooting Reducing costs and stress by travelling less for support Increasing the productivity of your engineers. Contact us for a demo.

  • Expert Roundtable: Edge-first for Digitalisation projects in Industrial Environments

    Hosted on Thursday the 22nd of September, 14:00 GMT+1. Learn about the strategic and technical how-to for digitalisation projects in industrial environments of any scale. Polestar wants to contribute to the acceleration of digitalisation projects in industrial companies through the installation of an out-of-the-box digital solution for OT environments, maintaining quality and de-risking tech adoption. Some of the topics discussed: The urgency of digital acceleration in the UK. Basics of a digital infrastructure | Edge Computing & secure IIoT. Agile methods of implementation, testing and scalability. Rental models for testing. Machinery and process analytics. Use cases and ROI of digital projects. The panellists that attended this digital roundtable: Roundtable Wrap Up 1: Strategic PoV on digitalisation • UK manufacturing SMEs are lagging behind their European counterparts in terms of automation and digitalisation. • There are plenty of business opportunities that can be untapped through adequate digitalisation projects to become more competitive. 2: Basics of infrastructure needed for digital projects • Network Design and industrial-grade communications infrastructure are basics for a well planned and future-proof digital project. • Edge-first initiatives are a great way to start the digitalisation of the factory floor and scale up. 3: The Field System & its use cases • It grants access to edge analytics for better decision making and productivity. • Is a first step towards IIoT & Cloud enablement. 4: Benefits of digitalisation for manufacturers • Increased ability to see change in production processes • Increased process stability = better quality, faster produce • Tool life monitoring = downtime optimisation • Machine reliability = downtime optimisation • Reduction of Scrap and Waste = production cost centres reduced Polestar Industrial IT

  • Better Collaboration in Times of Remote Work

    We all have seen how after the 2019 outbreak, communication among coworkers has demonstrated to be tricky, especially with the uprise of virtual sessions. Having a team that doesn't work together well could slow down production and reduce your company's profitability. Hence, improving communication and collaboration with and within your teams is vital. You can follow some simple steps to improve collaboration in your factory. Encourage Feedback In terms of feedback, having an open-door policy has its share of pros and cons. Say, when an employee rises an issue to management about a peer, it may cause teamwork tension. However, an open-door policy facilitates and encourages feedback, so you can easily locate problems, bottlenecks or new opportunities within your business. Leverage workloads with IT & Tech Collaborative Cloud Apps have become intuitive, fun and efficient tools to make remote work and communications a lot easier. In industrial settings, nothing beats an industrial-grade platform when trying to get remote access to industrial control systems. With the right tool, you can create team workstations to bring in several expert eyes to solve commissioning problems, diagnose process status, and organise/start/stop productive schedules. You only need a platform that allows remote screen controls and a good communication app. Talking about communications, you need to choose an app that has got all the flexibility to work when, where and how it’s best for you. One that lets you easily chat, send audio and video clips, or join a huddle to talk things through live. The right communications app will connect your people, tools, customers and partners in a digital HQ, break down communication silos and bring teams together around common goals, projects and processes. Finally, you need to consider working with shared files. You may have noticed that PDFs are like silver coins these days, so working efficiently with them has become a necessity. For instance, you can choose some apps to allow your staff to edit and share these files instantly. Converting PPTs to PDF should also be something to consider. Bring recognition to your teams People appreciate positive feedback from their employers. In fact, one study showed that 80% of individuals appreciated it, and 65% want more of it. It can be challenging when two people with different views and who may be in different departments with different tastes come together for the greater good. Show your team you're thankful they came together for the company. Tell them how wonderful it is to see everyone get along. You could even go as far as to order them pizza or have a catered meal to celebrate their achievement. -Article co-created with Gloria Martinez from WomenLed.Org

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  • Industrial IT & Networking Solutions | Polestar Industrial IT | UK

    Industry 4.0 Technologies in the UK, IIoT Platform Industrial Networking Services We design, install, configure, and optimise your Industrial IT Hardware & Systems. Secure industrial communications for process and data efficiency. IT Solutions Networking Services What can you do in the Factory Floor with our Industrial Networks & IIoT Systems ? Industrial IT & Networking Systems Networking Switches Industrial Ethernet Switching Components & Services. A comprehensive offering of industrial network solutions for resilient and flawless interaction between OT and IT systems. Network components , software and network consulting . Filter and forward network packets from one device to another. Learn More Industrial Routing Intent-based networking with enterprise-class features for harsh environments. Connect applications across your cloud, data center, and edge locations. Intent-based Routing Systems that transform the WAN edge by delivering the best of SD-WAN, security, edge compute and 5G-ready connectivity. Read More Factory Wireless Cableless communications between devices, ICS & people on the factory floor. Hight reliability in industrial control system environments. Our wireless systems offer robust scalability, visibility and control needed to manage thousands of wireless points from a single location. Know More Network Management Digital Network Architectures to manage production data & optimise operations. Manage your multi-policy network environments and develop an integrated, smarter, and more intuitive Industrial Network . Improve performance and spend less time managing your network . Cisco DNA SD-WANs Polestar , Cisco & Dispel Industrial SD-WANs for Secure Industrial Connectivity . With our Software-Defined networking in Wide Area Networks , you can deliver routing , efficient offloading of expensive circuits, threat protection, and simplification of WAN network management . Learn More Secure Networking Secure Network Access with Polestar, Dispel & Cisco Cyber Vision. Build your next-generation branch or facility network with an automated and secure connectivity solution. It is cloud-driven for agility, wireless first, secure, and data-optimised for industrial insights. Ask Us Trusted by: Our Industrial IT Partners Ecosystem: We are independent Network & Systems Integrators that help manufacturers streamline and optimise their supply chains end to end, bringing in unbiased digital manufacturing solutions to drive agility. Find out more about some of our partners... All Partners Industrial IT Implementation Case Studies The Manufacturer: FIELD & Polestar, an Edge-IIoT System. FIELD system implementation in the UK will be a matter of a few hours, thanks to Polestar's Industrial IT specialisation. Case Study: UCS Deployment & Secure Network for a Pharmaceutical | FMCG Producer Click here to download the full case. Cisco's UCS (Unified Computing System) help manufacturing businesses to achieve the consistency,... Case Study: Secure Networks & MES for a Modular Houses Manufacturer Read the full Case Study here. To guarantee better quality in production, the customer required the implementation of a secure by design...

  • IoT-Edge in a Box | FIELD System | FANUC & Polestar Industrial IT | UK

    Polestar Industrial IT | Our Services | Industrial Edge & IoT | IoT-Edge in a Box IIoT Platform IIoT Solution IIoT Solution IIoT Solution IoT- Edge... In a BOX! Connect all your machinery & unify your factories with our IIoT-Edge Platform , powered by FANUC 's FIELD System. This Industrial Edge Solution grants manufacturers secure Edge access to their production data , and Cloud access to hundreds of third-party Apps tailored to every management need. Connect securely and efficiently entire production lines to the FIELD System , stream data in real-time, and improve plant performance . IoT Apps Request a Demo What can you do with our IoT-Edge in a Box ? Uptime Enhancement Check the Apps Productivity Improvement Check the Apps OEE Tracking Check the Apps Quality Boost Check the Apps Cloud Infrastructures. Machine tools, Robots, PLCs and Sensors. How does the FIELD System work? The FIELD system collects and analyses machine data locally (on-premise) and at the Edge, speeding up data analysis on-site. This information can be used to control or improve the production process immediately. For comparisons between different factory locations, customers can choose to store and analyse selected machine status data in an external cloud. The FIELD system can be linked to higher-level in-plant systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). FIELD can even be configured to interact with any cloud-based platform. Request a Demo An IIoT Service for your field-level OT Benefits of the FIELD System for Manufacturers Full Control Over your Data The FIELD system is ‘edge-heavy’ and collects and processes all production data at source. You can decide whether to keep your production data on-site, or to process it further in Cloud Apps. Improved Machinery Uptime Monitor production and the performance of all your devices. Flag any that are not operating at intended capacity. Perform waveform failure analysis. Receive preventive maintenance alerts and improve the lifetime of your factory devices. Reduced Energy Consumption Detect whether all connected machines are running regularly or not, monitor their power consumption levels, and make informed decisions. Connect Energy Management Apps to achieve energy efficiencies. Improved Process Quality Design data-based processes, make predictions about machine behaviours or potential failures. With our Apps, you can visualise the whole production process and detect whether all connected machines are running regularly or not. Better Overall Equipment Efficiency Captures the OEE data of the entire production system in real-time and visualise it on a dashboard for better decision making. Reduced Consumables' Costs With our machine monitoring systems, you can get insights from performance information related to change history and consumables, helping you with a granular tracking of what your factory devices are spending. Request more info or Schedule a Demo of the IoT-Edge in a Box and FIELD System IoT Apps Case Study : European Manufacturer unifying three different factories Apps available with the IoT-Edge in a Box Uptime Enhancement FANUC ZDT (On-Premise) Datasheet FANUC MT-LINKi / AI Servo Monitor Datasheet FANUC CNC Edit Log Datasheet FANUC CNC & Robot Backup Datasheet FANUC Equipment Daily Check Datasheet ALASCOM APM Datasheet IGUS- Smart Plastics i.Cee Datasheet NSK- Condition Monitoring Datasheet SMC | Wireless IO OPC-UA Datasheet THK | OMNI Edge for FIELD System Datasheet Request a Demo Productivity Improvement FANUC MT-LINKi Datasheet FANUC ROBODRILL-LINKi Datasheet FANUC PMA-Monitor Datasheet COGNIVIX- Fieldview Datasheet Request a Demo Overall Equipment Efficiency OPENDATA | OPERA SMART OEE Datasheet OPENDATA | OPERA PREDICTIVE Datasheet Request a Demo Quality Boost FANUC ROBOSHOT-LINKi2 Datasheet FANUC ROBOCUT-LINKi Datasheet DAIM | Process Stability Calculation Datasheet MARPOSS | ARTIS C-ANALYSE Datasheet MITUTOYO- Instruments Measuring Datasheet RENISHAW- Renishaw Central Datasheet Request a Demo Trusted by: Related IIoT Information Remote Access to Cloud Automation Portal & PLC Remote access to your Industrial Control Systems works the same as your local setup. Things you usually do locally can be done via a VPN... Expert Roundtable: Edge-first for Digitalisation projects in Industrial Environments Join us on Thursday the 22nd of September, 14:00 GMT+1 to learn about the strategic and technical how-to for digitalisation projects. Event Highlights: FANUC's Automation Open House (2021) To answer some common questions regarding automation in UK manufacturing, FANUC hosted its second Open House. See some event highlights. 1 2 3 4 5

  • Industrial IT | Polestar Industrial Networking, Industrial Edge & IIoT in the UK

    Connecting machines, industrial systems and your workforce Industrial IT , Cyber Security & IIoT Enablement Discover Our Solutions > Polestar Industrial IT is a Network Integrator & Consultant that designs and implements secure IT & OT infrastructures to move the Manufacturing Industry further. Digitally transform your plants with our L S D+T methodology and the highest Manufacturing Security Standards . Become IIoT Ready How can Polestar help you? We securely connect machines to industrial systems and systems to people... in short. These are our Industrial IT Services : Industrial Networking We configure and securely install your switching, routing, wired and wireless Industrial Networking Systems. More about this Service Industrial Cybersecurity We create Secure-by-Design factory networks aligned with the most rigorous Industrial Security standards. More about this Service Industrial Resilience Back Up, Recovery, Replication & Redundant Networking for Business Resilience in Industrial settings. More about this Service Industrial IoT Securely connect all your factory "things" to the Internet with our Network Integration Services & IIoT Consulting. More about this Service Consulting Services IT/OT Auditing, Policy Creation, Network Design, Cyber security Consulting & IIoT Implementation Planning. More about this Service IT/OT Support Certified Networking & Cyber security Specialists that can provide expertise and flexible support from End-to-end. More about this Service Industrial IT & IIoT Projects Production Managers need better Industrial Communications to visualise and analyse manufacturing data, enabling them to make business decisions in real-time. Explore some of the Cyber Secure designs and implementations of Industrial Networks , IT | OT , and IIoT systems that we have delivered to industrial companies across different verticals in the UK & EMEA. ​ Industrial IT Food & Beverage Industrial IT FMCG Industrial IT Pharmaceutical Industrial IT Construction Industrial IT Automotive Food & Beverage FMCG Pharmaceutical Construction Automotive & Aerospace Recent Projects Trusted by These companies have reached out to us to get help with their Industrial IT and trust our Networking and Cyber Security excellence. Benefits of Secure, Agile Industrial IT & Industrial Networking +14 Tested Benefits from IIoT Secure Industrial IT allows the enablement of IIoT , which helps achieve efficiencies in production times, energy savings, and other benefits . -15% Costs Reduction Coming from the reduction of Cyber threats and the optimisation of O&M Cost Centres. +25% Efficiency Increase From improvements in workforce efficiency and reductions in production and machinery downtime . Network Design, Implementation & Support We design resilient and efficient communication architectures for you to visualise and analyse production data in real-time. But, we don't stop there. ​ Besides all the advice you may need to improve your Industrial IT , we help you with the installation of all the Networking Systems you need, and offer you premium Industrial Networks support . ​ Through all of our services you'll get: Industrial Environments Specialisation We have experience in implementing networks that securely handle data on a large scale, cater to real-time needs, meet specialist security requirements and are able to efficiently operate in harsh environments . Industrial Cyber Security For us, Cyber Security is much more than simple Ransomeware prevention . Through the years, we've come to understand what is key for industrials to protect their assets and be resilient. Agility Speed, Integration & Scalability.... Through our IIoT Stages and LSD+T method , we deliver projects at a fast speed and at any scale, integrating Enterprise systems, Legacy systems or any Industrial system you may have. Contact Us Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT vs Enterprise IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT An enterprise, or corporate network, is the communications backbone of a business that connects computers and devices across departments, facilitating data accessibility. Then, it should be a good idea to use it to connect everything in your plant, right? ​ Hold up... because what you really need is an Industrial Network. An infrastructure able to securely handle communications and data on a large scale, catering to real-time needs, with special security requirements and able to work in rough environments . ​ Industrial IT has special requirements to connect Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and OT that are found across a large range of asset-intensive sectors performing diverse tasks, ranging from monitoring critical infrastructure (CI) to controlling robots and automation on the plant floor. Industrial IT Industrial IT Read more Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT, the Core of IIoT Industrial Networks & IT are the central enablers of IIoT , Data Sharing, Industrial Cyber Security , Automation, and the creation of Digital Twins. Hence, they are core to Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing . Big buzzwords. Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT To achieve exponential efficiencies, it is not enough to digitally transform your operations by simply controlling machinery through OT . Today is key to connect machinery and OT to Enterprise and IT systems ( OT/IT Convergence ), and to thousands of Apps that help manufacturers to access advanced analytics and boost production processes. Without Industrial-grade Networks that safely connect everything together on the factory floor and to the Internet, that just wouldn't be possible. So, what do you need from Industrial IT to begin an IIoT & Digital Transformation journey? Know more Digitally Transform your Plant Deploy with us secure Industrial IT technologies to enable IIoT within your organisation through ou r IIoT partners , enhance productivity, and boost your digital transformation journey . Just follow the next steps: Get your basic IT done Ensure physical needs: Cabling, power & climate control . Polestar IIoT Technologies UK: Polestar Digital Transformation Basic Industry 4.0 Technologies UK White Circle 1 Securely connect Build IT & OT interfaces and Industrial networks with cybersecurity features. Basic Industry 4.0 Technologies UK White Circle 2 Start gathering data Record and Analyse: Use your log, operational transactional & diagnostic information. Basic Industry 4.0 Technologies UK White Circle 3 Basic Industry 4.0 Technologies UK White Circle 4 Basic Industry 4.0 Technologies UK White Circle 5 Scale to other plants Repeat the cycle: Quickly deploy new infrastructures with Secure-Designs . Become Smart Explore advanced analytics, logic, predictive behaviour & Digital Twins. We can assist you through this journey... Book a Consulting Session IT | OT Convergence It is quite common in industrial settings to find IT departments and systems totally disconnected from their OT counterparts. Here is why it is important to have them working together, and what we do about it... To succeed in a digital transformation project , it is critical to have a well-designed and seamless integration of the company's business (IT) and operational (OT) data . For processes to be analysed in-depth and optimised, sensors and machinery need to be integrated into the management of industrial environments (such as those for water treatment, electric power and factories). ​ When paired with Edge Computing, Industrial IT enables OT towards an IIoT model . As OT devices are not traditionally networked technology , they need this convergence to acquire the capability to collect, transfer and analyse data. Traditional OT devices, sensors, for example, can collect data, but themselves cannot transmit the data over a large network or perform any sort of in-depth analysis on that data. ​ This is what is called IT/OT integration , or IT/OT convergence , and it takes in so much more than a simple checklist of technology must-haves. Successful IT/OT integrations require trained managers to lead a comprehensive organisational change that more than often includes a skills transfer programme, insightful data governance, and a combination of secure communication infrastructures with, of course, state-of-the-art technologies . This comprehensive planning of your business Leadership, Skills, Data and Technology is what we call the LSD+T approach, and is key to properly integrate IT & OT systems , or implement any digital technology . L Through the years we have witnessed how leadership based on collaborative work with directors, managers, engineers, and operators from key departments increases the efficiencies when implementing IIoT and digital projects . ​ S We also believe that convergence means helping our customers ‘learn lessons’ and share knowledge across the different business units. This is the sole reason why is necessary to create skills transferring plans. ​ D Additionally, we highly suggest defining all the data management structures and secure data architectures to improve the resilience of your systems and your business assets, including critical information. ​ +T Finally, you need to make an informed decision when choosing adequate tech tools that are Cyber Secure , and allow tailoring, scalability and agile implementations . ​ We got you covered from End-to-end. To receive guidance on an IT/OT Convergence project you might have, just contact us, or access our IIoT Consulting programmes page. Leadership How to execute the IoT Strategy ? Data Which is the right data architecture? Skills Which digital skills are needed? +Technology Which are the right technologies? L S D +T Read more Global IoT Partner Ecosystem We work closely with technology companies such as Cisco , FANUC and Siemens to deliver comprehensive Industrial IT & IIoT solutions for Manufacturers... Industry 4.0 Technologies UK: IIoT IoT Certified Badge Industrial IT Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit All Partners As seen in... The Manufacturer: FIELD & Polestar, an Edge-IIoT System. FIELD system implementation in the UK will be a matter of a few hours, thanks to Polestar's Industrial IT specialisation. PBSI: FIELD System, an Edge-IIoT Platform Connecting all manufacturing devices & systems with FANUC's FIELD System & Polestar's IIoT. IoT North Marketplace: Polestar's IoT Use Cases for the Industry in the UK See some of our Industrial IT, IIoT & Industrial Cybersecurity Use Cases as seen in IoT North. 1 2

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