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  • 1-Hr Group Session

    💻🏭 Free Industrial IoT Assessment & Consulting Session ◾ Are you concerned about Cyber Security on your production environment? ◾ Do you need assistance getting a digitalisation project off the ground? ◾ Do you need help resolving a technical issue on your production network? These are just a few of the IoT & Industrial Network concerns the Polestar Team can help you with. Access our Specialist Engineers' expertise and industry insights, here are some examples of sessions we have had with our customers: 💾 Digitalisation Projects. 🦾 Industrial Automation & IoT. 🩺 OT Networks Troubleshooting. 🌍 Remote Access to ICS or Remote Commissioning. 🔒 Industrial Cyber Security & Business Resiliency. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📅 1-Hour Group Session, £0.00-Free! 5-10 participants. How does it work? 〄 Send us a short description of your issues / projects to, with the subject being: 1-Hr Group Session Booking. 〄 We will arrange a session with other attendees with similar needs and the most qualified and knowledgeable engineer in those subjects. 〄 During the session we will discuss your needs and give you guidance on how to approach some solutions.

  • 2-Hr Customised Session

    💻🏭 Get your digitalisation projects off the ground, resolve technical issues on your production network, or improve the Cyber Security within your production environment in less than 2 hours. ◾ Are you concerned about Cyber Security on your production environment? ◾ Do you need assistance getting a digitalisation project off the ground? ◾ Do you need help resolving a technical issue on your production network? These are just a few of the IoT & Industrial Network concerns the Polestar Team can help you with. Large transformation projects, increasing Cyber Security concerns and dealing with ongoing technical issues on your network can often feel complex and overwhelming when you’re also juggling day-to-day operational activities. Our expert resources can help you break down that complexity and give you guidance on where to start. Access our Specialist Engineers' expertise and industry insights in a session that is customised to your business needs. We will probe your networking issues or projects, have a discussion to give you quick guidance to overcome pitfalls, and draft together the best solutions. Begin to achieve peak production. To help guide the objective of your 2-Hr consultation, here are some examples of sessions we have had with our customers: 💾 Digitalisation Projects: Kick-off your digital transformation projects. We'll guide you through the process from End-to-End. 🩺 Production Network Troubleshooting: We'll assess your network issues together, and give you tips and guidance on solving common pitfalls. 🌍 Remote Production: Discuss with us the security and efficiency requirements for remote commissioning & accessing your ICS. 🔒 Cyber Security Improvement: Let us get a pulse of your security systems and configurations to plan a cyber security upgrade. 💻 Agile Bespoke Consulting: Simply talk to us to get quick access to our experts' knowledge on Digital Transformation and/or Data Management. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📅 2-Hour Customised Session, £350.00 ex VAT. What is the process? 〄 Send us a short description of your issue / project. 〄 We will assign your session to the most qualified and knowledgeable engineer in that subject. 〄 Fill in a questionnaire to enable us to drill down into your requirement further. 〄 Set a date for the session and receive a summary of the consultation, including insights, guidance, additional resources and next steps.

  • Digital Transformation Gold Programme

    Tailored Industry 4.0 Gold Consulting Programme. Digital Transformation Planning Programme & IoT Consulting in the UK: Improve Manufacturing Efficiency through the use of technology in your production process. IoT, Industrial IoT, IoT Technology, IoT Applications, IoT Solutions, Network IoT, Industrial Networks, Cybersecurity for Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology, IoT in Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing Technologies, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Implementation of Advanced Analytics & Data Science, Consultancy on the selection and design of scalable IT architectures and platforms, Systems Lifecycle Management, Training and qualification in Industrial IoT Technologies in the UK. Contact us to further discuss:

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  • Open: Business Development Representative

    Nottingham, UK (Hybrid & Flexible Work) What's the opportunity? Go prospect searching, bring legitimate sales qualified leads to sales meetings and develop those leads into quotable opportunities. Apply Here What will I be doing? Cold outreach to targets. Lead qualification, scheduling and attending lead development meetings. Feedback questions and requirements from prospects. Collate RFI/RFP requirements by clients for completion with the rest of the Polestar team. Attend conferences and networking and social events in various cities to build awareness with prospective clients and develop relationships with vendors. What are we looking for in you? Growth mindset: You will be driven to grow the business and your career within it. We expect you to be self-driven and to be eager to be out there winning new business. Outgoing: You're the one who makes friends with the person next to you in line for coffee. Curious: We're working with new technologies that solve age-old problems. You'll want to learn how it was done before, what we're doing that's different, and question why (and if!) the way we do it is better. Ability to convey complex cybersecurity and engineering topics in plain English. Caretaking spirit for the leads you generate- going all the way to being closed deals. Strong listening: Most of sales is not pushing a product. It's listening to what problems a client says they have, and coming up with a tailored, clear way to solve their personal problem. Optimistic: Selling can be hard but you will be able to bounce back and go into each opportunity fresh. Willingness to travel: You’ll be travelling to customer sites, conferences and expos. Work well with small teams: As with all tech companies, there's a flat organisation here. Be prepared to get stuck in. What can we offer you? Hybrid/flexible working: WFH or hot desk and collaborate in our purpose designed office. Career progression: We’re growing and we want you grow with us; we have a proven track record of nurturing and growing new talent Be a big part of a small team: Work collaboratively but also stand out and get noticed. Be heard and make an impact: you can influence what we do and how we do it. Variety, flexibility and creativity: We’re working at the cutting edge of technological change, so we’re agile, innovative and open to different ways of doing things. About Polestar Industrial IT We are Polestar Interactive Ltd., an UK-based IT Services company located in Nottingham, and specialising in Industrial Networking Environments, Cybersecurity & IoT. Established in 1997, we help companies to securely connect their machines, industrial systems and workforce, so that they can realise the business benefits of digitalisation. Apply for this Job Click on the link above to apply and send your submission. *Proof of eligibility to work in the United Kingdom is required. Polestar values diversity and is committed to a policy of Equal Employment Opportunity. Once the form has been completed, more details might be required regarding the application process.

  • Here is how female gamers can turn their passion into a career

    Although gaming is something girls and women, in general, tend not to enjoy or enrol in, this activity has become a massive industry with plenty of opportunities for anyone. The gaming industry is larger than films and music combined, yet few of us are likely to put our Fortnite playing achievements on our CVs. But why not? Businesses are waking up to the skills gamers can bring to the workplace. -Article co-created with Gloria Martinez from WomenLed.Org Even the military is hiring gamers. "The ability to assimilate information, react swiftly and coordinate actions whilst remaining calm under pressure are often attributes of people that are good at gaming", a Royal Air Force spokesperson tells the BBC. If you're playing EVE Online you basically already have an MBA. Often made fun of in gaming circles as a "spreadsheet simulator", the economy of the fictional Eve universe is driven by real market principles. If you want to build a new spaceship, the raw material has to be mined by another player. Manufacturing costs come into effect, and commodities fluctuate in price based on demand and haulage distance. According to Nielsen, gaming has taken over different media types, including Youtube, Twitch and Hitbox, and you're bound to see numerous live streamers playing video games live. These days, you can even build a career out of your love for video games -- and that’s just as true for women as it is for men. Here are some of the most exciting new options you have. Professional Gamer Most people do not understand how serious video game tournaments these days are. SteelSeries notes that professional gaming is perhaps one of the most complex career paths you can take, as being good enough in a game to enter international competitions doesn't happen overnight --it takes years of persistent practice. You will also need to invest in the necessary gear and put in time and effort to reach your professional goals. But once you manage to be part of an international competition, you'll find it incredibly fun and rewarding. Games Designer If you are a highly innovative person and keep coming up with new ideas to improve old games, constantly think of new characters, or of adventurous stories that can be applied to a video game plot, then the perfect career for you may be game designing. This job is ideal for anyone who understands the intricate aspects behind various video game genres and those who love to build up new characters and challenges. You'll likely need to take design courses or university lectures. That way, you get the basic knowledge and learn fundamental skills to develop new games. However, if you already have a fantastic video game idea, you can consider working with a game developer to create your title together right away. Don’t miss the chance! Video Editor Whether it is about editing the cutscenes of a forthcoming game or putting together promotional videos, every developer needs a good video editor. The good thing is you can also find plenty of work available in other industries! In fact, various online job platforms like Upwork are bursting at the seams with video editing services. Programmer Video games are frequently a gateway to an interest in computers and, more importantly, coding. For example, that's the theory behind University of Colorado Boulder computer science professor Alexander Repenning's easy-to-use, accessible Scalable Game Design curriculum, which encourages students to build a Frogger-like game and simultaneously learn coding fundamentals. Some gamers also call video games a "stepping stone" toward their coding career. Some start by looking up cheat codes online. When they find a webpage that contained those codes, they realise that computers are like libraries where you could get anything you wanted. This innate curiosity led people to wonder how computer programs worked. If you're good at video game programming, you might as well enjoy coding computers, software different devices and hardware. This job implies working with a design team to understand and figure out the nuts and bolts of the overall project, ensuring that the game plays well and is smooth for consumers. Careers in IT From Basement to Boardroom, gamers are poised to become the next generation of tech leaders. A desire to constantly improve, for instance optimising gameplay "to be more efficient"—is a trait found invaluable when coding. There are always new techniques and software that can be learned to improve your coding ability. Those who play video or computer games are amassing valuable skills with real-world applications. The Federation of American Scientists touted video games as a way to help people develop sophisticated skills needed in the workforce. The success of complex video games demonstrates that games can teach higher-order thinking skills such as strategic thinking, interpretative analysis, problem-solving, plan formulation and execution, and adaptation to rapid change. As a gamer, your brain has these imaginary skill-lines and abilities to absorb knowledge and adapt to new situations, which makes you a highly valuable IT employee. On the other end of the scale, games can teach us (among other things) other languages and mathematical skills, very much needed in the IT industry. Having been trained to make quick decisions on the fly, you are no stranger to taking charge of the situation when needed or backing off when it is more than you can chew. Gamers will know how to strategize better, be able to make sound judgments quicker, and react accordingly to varying circumstances. Streamer If you'd love to become a renowned personality just by playing video games you enjoy, then streaming is probably the ideal career path for you. You'll need to get top-notch streaming devices and learn how to create high-quality videos. In a Nutshell Games are now more popular than ever, so it's only given that gaming career options have become more numerous and credible for women too. In 2020, women accounted for nearly 41% of all gamers in the United States. And in Asia, which accounts for 48% of the world’s total gaming revenue, women now make up 40-45% of the Asian gaming population, according to Google and Niko Partners. Female gamers are on the rise, and numerous studies have sought to understand if female gamers have specific motivations and gameplay behaviours. Some country-based studies reveal that gaming motivations do differ cross-culturally across genders. In addition to escapism, French female gamers look for competition or to challenge themselves, while French males look to games for coping with stress and for achieving success through competition. A study of Taiwanese gamers reveals females play for achievement and social reasons, while males play to pass the time. In America, it seems female gamers play for achievement and social reasons, to engage socially and maintain relationships. Regarding game playing, a recent study shows that female gamers play all types of game genres (especially popular online games) using different devices and platforms. So don’t miss out on this trend. Find your passion and apply your skills to develop a career! Whether you plan to compete, stream, develop, or program, you can make a name for yourself and become incredibly good at your job with continual practice and patience.

  • Event Highlights: FANUC's Automation Open House (2021)

    To answer some of the most common questions regarding automation in UK manufacturing, FANUC hosted its second Manufacturing, Automation, and Digital Transformation Open House. Taking place at its state-of-the-art UK headquarters between the 01st and the 05th of November 2021, the event was open to the UK industry to understand how automation improves productivity across manufacturing. At the Open House, FANUC displayed a number of demonstrations and hosted different industry debates for manufacturers to attend. One of these was our IoT Edge in a Box system demo. Have you ever thought of getting all of your machinery and field devices data in a single place? Don’t you want to try to also plug them onto an IIoT service to access advanced analytics and management apps? With our IoT Edge in a Box solution, you can secure all your machinery and field device data in one place. See below a brief video of what the IoT Edge in a Box consists of and a display of some of FANUC's Apps available through the FIELD System platform. FIELD System With this system and the apps, you can target improvements in productivity, quality and efficiency. Also, through our Industrial Networking Services, we can help you to securely and efficiently connect entire production lines to the FIELD System, stream data in real-time, and collaborate in improving plant performance. FIELD system allows users to connect any production machine or device, regardless of brand or generation - in a single, unified and powerful system. It grants manufacturers secure Edge access to their production data, and Cloud access to hundreds of third-party apps, tailored to every management need. Learn more at Recent figures suggest that UK automation is falling behind other leading manufacturing countries, impacting the industry's ability to keep pace in terms of productivity. To illustrate the point: there are just 71 industrial robots per 10,000 workers in the UK, positioning it behind 14 other European countries. In contrast, Germany has 309 units, contributing to a production rate that is 30% higher per hour than the UK's. Tom Bouchier comments: “Many in UK manufacturing remain suspicious of automation, with a common misconception being that it equates to a high up-front cost. However, automation solutions are accessible to everyone – from family-run subcontracting businesses to multi-national organisations. FANUC’s inaugural Open House showcase a range of technologies, seeking to address this misunderstanding within the UK industry, and highlight how turning to automation can drive significant and tangible productivity.” One area of automation which was demonstrated at the event was collaborative robotics (cobots). With built-in sensors and vision systems, cobots are capable of working alongside human operators in a variety of different operations. Check out in the video below some of the most impressive robots and industrial apps that we found at FANUC's Open House 2021. Cobots Cobots are already in use in a number of processes in the UK, across a range of industries. Three distinct models were exhibited at the Open House, including the CR-35iA, which is the only cobot in the world with a 35kg payload. FANUC’s production equipment series: the ROBODRILL, ROBOSHOT, and ROBOCUT, were also displayed, offering visitors the chance to see these state-of-the-art machines in action. The ROBODRILL – a compact yet powerful 5-axis drilling machine – was represented by the α-D21MiA with Mechatronic iTend machine-tending solution, alongside the α-D21LiB5 complete with DDR Tl-iB additional axis control. To highlight how automating injection moulding can drive further productivity gains, FANUC displayed α-S50iA injection moulding ROBOSHOT as part of a Hi-Tech Automation pick-and-place-to-conveyor application. The ROBOCUT wire-cutting machine exhibits will be an aerospace application for precision machining on the C-400iB. The C -600iB and C -800iB will also be showcased. FANUC’s & Partners' software offering was also exhibited, including the ROBOGUIDE software, Zero Downtime (ZDT) technology, and the newly launched (in the UK) FIELD (FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive) system, which is being implemented by Polestar Industrial IT. There was also a team of experts on hand that talk visitors through how these various pieces of technology can improve factory productivity, highlighting how the manufacturing process can be optimised. Open House Event Agenda Monday and Friday provided guests with open opportunities to explore the facility and engage with those exhibiting. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday featured a series of themed talks, panel discussions and interviews tackling UK manufacturing’s most pressing challenges, with some of the leading lights in British Industry: Tuesday –The automation outlook for UK manufacturers Wednesday – Training & Education Thursday – Digital transformation & IIoT Watch below Polestar's Panel Discussion on Automation and Connectivity, and our Presentation on Industrial IT, Industrial IoT and how they drive efficiency gains in manufacturing. Panel Discussion VIDEO Presentation VIDEO #ManufacturingHour #ukmfg #manufacturing #robots #industrialautomation #automation

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  • Polestar Industrial IT | Industrial Networking, Cyber Security & IIoT | UK

    Connecting machines, industrial systems and your workforce Industrial IT , Cyber Security & IIoT Enablement Discover Our Solutions > Polestar Industrial IT is a Network Integrator & Consultant that designs and implements secure IT & OT infrastructures to move the Manufacturing Industry further. Digitally transform your plants with our L S D+T methodology and the highest Manufacturing Security Standards . Become IIoT Ready How can Polestar help you? We securely connect machines to industrial systems and systems to people... in short. These are our Industrial IT Services : Industrial Networking We configure and securely install your switching, routing, wired and wireless Industrial Networking Systems. More about this Service Industrial Cybersecurity We create Secure-by-Design factory networks aligned with the most rigorous Industrial Security standards. More about this Service Industrial Resilience Back Up, Recovery, Replication & Redundant Networking for Business Resilience in Industrial settings. More about this Service Industrial IoT Securely connect all your factory "things" to the Internet with our Network Integration Services & IIoT Consulting. More about this Service Consulting Services IT/OT Auditing, Policy Creation, Network Design, Cyber security Consulting & IIoT Implementation Planning. More about this Service IT/OT Support Certified Networking & Cyber security Specialists that can provide expertise and flexible support from End-to-end. More about this Service Out of gallery Industrial IT & IIoT Projects Production Managers need better Industrial Communications to visualise and analyse manufacturing data, enabling them to make business decisions in real-time. Explore some of the Cyber Secure designs and implementations of Industrial Networks , IT | OT , and IIoT systems that we have delivered to industrial companies across different verticals in the UK & EMEA. ​ Industrial IT Food & Beverage Industrial IT FMCG Industrial IT Pharmaceutical Industrial IT Construction Industrial IT Automotive Food & Beverage FMCG Pharmaceutical Construction Automotive & Aerospace Recent Projects Trusted by These companies have reached out to us to get help with their Industrial IT and trust our Networking and Cyber Security excellence. Benefits of Secure, Agile Industrial IT & Industrial Networking +14 Tested Benefits from IIoT Secure Industrial IT allows the enablement of IIoT , which helps achieve efficiencies in production times, energy savings, and other benefits . -15% Costs Reduction Coming from the reduction of Cyber threats and the optimisation of O&M Cost Centres. +25% Efficiency Increase From improvements in workforce efficiency and reductions in production and machinery downtime . Network Design, Implementation & Support We design resilient and efficient communication architectures for you to visualise and analyse production data in real-time. But, we don't stop there. Besides all the advice you may need to improve your Industrial IT , we help you with the installation of all the Networking Systems you need, and offer you premium Industrial Networks support . ​ Through all of our services you'll get: Industrial Environments Specialisation We have experience in implementing networks that securely handle data on a large scale, cater to real-time needs, meet specialist security requirements and are able to efficiently operate in harsh environments . Industrial Cyber Security For us, Cyber Security is much more than simple Ransomeware prevention . Through the years, we've come to understand what is key for industrials to protect their assets and be resilient. Agility Speed, Integration & Scalability.... Through our IIoT Stages and LSD+T method , we deliver projects at a fast speed and at any scale, integrating Enterprise systems, Legacy systems or any Industrial system you may have. Contact Us Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT vs Enterprise IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT An enterprise, or corporate network, is the communications backbone of a business that connects computers and devices across departments, facilitating data accessibility. Then, it should be a good idea to use it to connect everything in your plant, right? Hold up... because what you really need is an Industrial Network. An infrastructure able to securely handle communications and data on a large scale, catering to real-time needs, with special security requirements and able to work in rough environments . ​ Industrial IT has special requirements to connect Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and OT that are found across a large range of asset-intensive sectors performing diverse tasks, ranging from monitoring critical infrastructure (CI) to controlling robots and automation on the plant floor. Industrial IT Industrial IT Read more Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT, the Core of IIoT Industrial Networks & IT are the central enablers of IIoT , Data Sharing, Industrial Cyber Security , Automation, and the creation of Digital Twins. Hence, they are core to Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing . Big buzzwords. Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT Industrial IT To achieve exponential efficiencies, it is not enough to digitally transform your operations by simply controlling machinery through OT . Today is key to connect machinery and OT to Enterprise and IT systems ( OT/IT Convergence ), and to thousands of Apps that help manufacturers to access advanced analytics and boost production processes. Without Industrial-grade Networks that safely connect everything together on the factory floor and to the Internet, that just wouldn't be possible. So, what do you need from Industrial IT to begin an IIoT & Digital Transformation journey? Know more Digitally Transform your Plant Deploy with us secure Industrial IT technologies to enable IIoT within your organisation through ou r IIoT partners , enhance productivity, and boost your digital transformation journey . Just follow the next steps: Get your basic IT done Ensure physical needs: Cabling, power & climate control . Polestar IIoT Technologies UK: Polestar Digital Transformation Basic Industry 4.0 Technologies UK White Circle 1 Securely connect Build IT & OT interfaces and Industrial networks with cybersecurity features. Basic Industry 4.0 Technologies UK White Circle 2 Start gathering data Record and Analyse: Use your log, operational transactional & diagnostic information. Basic Industry 4.0 Technologies UK White Circle 3 Basic Industry 4.0 Technologies UK White Circle 4 Basic Industry 4.0 Technologies UK White Circle 5 Scale to other plants Repeat the cycle: Quickly deploy new infrastructures with Secure-Designs . Become Smart Explore advanced analytics, logic, predictive behaviour & Digital Twins. We can assist you through this journey... Book a Consulting Session IT | OT Convergence It is quite common in industrial settings to find IT departments and systems totally disconnected from their OT counterparts. Here is why it is important to have them working together, and what we do about it... To succeed in a digital transformation project , it is critical to have a well-designed and seamless integration of the company's business (IT) and operational (OT) data . For processes to be analysed in-depth and optimised, sensors and machinery need to be integrated into the management of industrial environments (such as those for water treatment, electric power and factories). When paired with Edge Computing, Industrial IT enables OT towards an IIoT model . As OT devices are not traditionally networked technology , they need this convergence to acquire the capability to collect, transfer and analyse data. Traditional OT devices, sensors, for example, can collect data, but themselves cannot transmit the data over a large network or perform any sort of in-depth analysis on that data. ​ This is what is called IT/OT integration , or IT/OT convergence , and it takes in so much more than a simple checklist of technology must-haves. Successful IT/OT integrations require trained managers to lead a comprehensive organisational change that more than often includes a skills transfer programme, insightful data governance, and a combination of secure communication infrastructures with, of course, state-of-the-art technologies . This comprehensive planning of your business Leadership, Skills, Data and Technology is what we call the LSD+T approach, and is key to properly integrate IT & OT systems , or implement any digital technology . L Through the years we have witnessed how leadership based on collaborative work with directors, managers, engineers, and operators from key departments increases the efficiencies when implementing IIoT and digital projects . ​ S We also believe that convergence means helping our customers ‘learn lessons’ and share knowledge across the different business units. This is the sole reason why is necessary to create skills transferring plans. ​ D Additionally, we highly suggest defining all the data management structures and secure data architectures to improve the resilience of your systems and your business assets, including critical information. ​ +T Finally, you need to make an informed decision when choosing adequate tech tools that are Cyber Secure , and allow tailoring, scalability and agile implementations . ​ We got you covered from End-to-end. To receive guidance on an IT/OT Convergence project you might have, just contact us, or access our IIoT Consulting programmes page. Leadership How to execute the IoT Strategy ? Data Which is the right data architecture? Skills Which digital skills are needed? +Technology Which are the right technologies? L S D +T Read more Global IoT Partner Ecosystem We work closely with technology companies such as Cisco , FANUC and Siemens to deliver comprehensive Industrial IT & IIoT solutions for Manufacturers... Industry 4.0 Technologies UK: IIoT IoT Certified Badge Industrial IT Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit All Partners As seen in... The Manufacturer: FIELD & Polestar, an Edge-IIoT System. FIELD system implementation in the UK will be a matter of a few hours, thanks to Polestar's Industrial IT specialisation. PBSI: FIELD System, an Edge-IIoT Platform Connecting all manufacturing devices & systems with FANUC's FIELD System & Polestar's IIoT. IoT North Marketplace: Polestar's IoT Use Cases for the Industry in the UK See some of our Industrial IT, IIoT & Industrial Cybersecurity Use Cases as seen in IoT North. 1 2

  • Press | Polestar IIoT

    Polestar IIoT in the News Polestar IIoT Sep 24, 2021 5 min The Manufacturer: FIELD & Polestar, an Edge-IIoT System. 48 Post not marked as liked Polestar IIoT Jul 16, 2021 2 min PBSI: FIELD System, an Edge-IIoT Platform 36 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Polestar IIoT Jul 7, 2021 2 min IoT North Marketplace: Polestar's IoT Use Cases for the Industry in the UK 24 Post not marked as liked Polestar IIoT Mar 12, 2021 1 min IoT2market: Polestar Industrial IT company profile 42 Post not marked as liked Polestar IIoT Jul 3, 2017 1 min East Midlands Business Link: Nottingham's Polestar Industrial IT to relocate 15 Post not marked as liked

  • IIoT Dictionary | Polestar IIoT | UK

    Polestar's Industrial IoT Dictionary PLC & DCS Polestar IIoT Jul 29, 2021 3 min 17 Post not marked as liked Industrial Networks Polestar IIoT Jul 28, 2021 3 min 17 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 Firewalls Polestar IIoT Nov 20, 2020 3 min 33 3 likes. Post not marked as liked 3 MES: Manufacturing Execution Systems Polestar IIoT Nov 1, 2020 2 min 76 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 SD-WAN Polestar IIoT Sep 14, 2020 1 min 41 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 UCS: Unified Computing Systems Polestar IIoT Sep 14, 2020 1 min 50 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1

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