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Digital Transformation with

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Make the most of your Industrial Networks & Data


The volume of data in the industry grows continuously. How can you acquire knowledge from this vast amount of information so you can make better and faster decisions and actions?

Exploit the full potential of your machine and plant data to increase your competitive edge and generate new business models.

Optimal utilisation of the data generated in production environments requires having Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) networks seamlessly connected.


Our Industrial IT services, powered by Siemens Industrial Networking Systems, allow efficient networking of automation components based on professional infrastructure planning and implementation.


We help your Industrial Environment to lay the best foundation for embracing digital transformation.

How you can benefit from Siemens Industrial Edge


Get control over what data is processed and where it is used. Decide whether to keep your industrial data on-site, or to process it further in a Cloud infrastructure...

Seamless OT & IT Connections


OT networks are part of automation. To avoid failures, these networks have to be constantly available and reliable. Perform Data transmission reliably at all times, even under difficult conditions.


Reduced Storage and Transmission Costs

Central management of edge devices and apps reduces deployment and maintenance costs. Analyse data where it originates. Local data from IoT devices can be quickly preprocessed and sent.

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Let our specialists guide you

+ Want to know more about how you can implement and use Edge-Computing in your company? 
+ Want to improve your Industrial Networks and the connectivity of your OT & IT Systems?
...Talk to our experts who will be happy to advise you!

IoT Consulting & IIoT Technology

With the comprehensive range of industrial networking solutions that Siemens offer,

and Polestar's expertise in secure architectures,

we help you to lay a comprehensive foundation for digitalisation and accompany you from

End-to-End through the

digital transformation of your industrial plants.


Industrial Networking


Networking Solutions

Polestar & Siemens Professional Services, Networking Components.

A comprehensive offering of industrial network solutions for resilient and flawless interaction between OT and IT systems. Network components, software and network consulting.


Industrial Ethernet

Siemens Switches, IoT Gateways, Cabling & Network Security.

Siemens' Industrial Ethernet is the tried-and-tested technology that can meet the power, integration, and real-time availability requirements for industrial communications – including the Ethernet-based standard TSN.


Wireless Comms

Siemens Industrial Wireless LAN,  Routers, Transmitters & Fieldbus.

Explore the possibilities for flexible and efficient automation solutions. Siemens cover the entire industrial wireless communication spectrum from Wireless LAN (IWLAN) to WiMAX & WirelessHART.


Remote Access

Siemens Telecontrol & Remote Network Systems.

We offer solutions for industrial remote access to the manufacturing and process industries to connect plants geographically dispersed. We implement a broad spectrum of IT systems to access remote networks.

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Network Management







Financial Services

Equipment & Technology, Working Capital & Projects Finance.

Siemens offer international financing solutions in the B2B area, primarily in the energy, industry and healthcare markets. The division finances infrastructure, equipment, and working capital investments.

Dazed and Confused?

Siemens Financial Services for the Industry

Today's market places greater pressure on manufacturers: There is demand to increase output without compromising quality and to work in a sustainable way, all with increasingly stretched budgets.


At Polestar, we understand that acquiring new equipment and technology is not always easy. For that sole reason, we have partnered with Siemens Financial Services (SFS) to offer flexible finance options and make digital transformation & cyber security more accessible to our industrial customers.

Siemens work closely with manufacturing experts to create affordable and innovative financing. We can relieve the pressure that the industry face nowadays by creating bespoke solutions and putting the equipment and technology your company need within easy reach.

With a tailored financing package from Siemens Financial Services you can access better industrial networks, cloud technology, cyber security, hardware, software, and IIoT services to help you stay ahead of competitors.

Check some of the SFS Solutions for Manufacturers:


Do you need new equipment or technologies and want to take advantage of tax terms & capital allowance?


We purchase and own the equipment or technologies you need, and then lease them to you. No capital funds needed.


The equipment is owned by SFS, and is accounted for by you as a shorter term rental expense.


Do you need access to software to empower your company to make information driven decisions? 


Do you need a one stop solution for supply and maintenance of equipment?


Flexible payments are linked to system usage to suit your the value that the technologies are delivering.

SFS & Polestar can help.

Want to dig deeper?

Siemens Financing

Some of the industry verticals we serve:

IIoT Industrial Networks Food & Beverage IT

The food and beverage industry is changing rapidly to cope with the changing nature of supply and demand, developing technologies, digitalisation and new ways of working.


See our IIoT Implementation Case Studies for the F&B Industry.

IIoT Industrial Networks FMCG IT

We’ve seen the benefits that agile technologies and digitalisation bring, in terms of increased productivity, energy efficiency and quality for FMCG manufacturing, production and packaging.

See our IIoT Implementation Case Studies for the FMCG Industry.

IIoT Industrial Networks Pharmaceutical IT


Pharma is a high compliance industry vertical that needs to constantly invest in machinery, technology, resiliency and facilities to maintain and improve quality, create more value and remain competitive.

See our IIoT Implementation Case Studies for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

IIoT Industrial Networks Modular Construction IT

Building quiality modular furniture, homes and spaces requires high levels of process automation and systems resiliency.

See our IIoT Implementation Case Studies for the Modular Construction Industry.

IIoT Industrial Networks Aerospace IT

In the aerospace industry, process optimisation is being boosted by IIoT-powered analytics that offer insights enabling companies to rapidly take action to correct inefficiencies, wether it is aircraft manufacturing, in-flight operations, or airport logistics.

See our IIoT Implementation Case Studies for the Aerospace Industry.

IIoT Industrial Networks Automotive IT


IIoT and Smart manufacturing fuel the pace of development and innovation that leading Automotive manufacturers require.

In the automotive industry, operating models continue to move towards connected systems that drive cost optimisations, improve product quality and time-to-market.

And many others... 

Latest info from Siemens in our IIoT Blog

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