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Industrial Remote Interconnect Service & Real-Time Location Services

RTLS for Factories in the UK
RTLS for Factories in the UK


RTLS for Factories in the UK


RTLS for Factories in the UK


- Plug & Play - arrives preconfigured, tested and ready to deploy.

- Single point of contact for support.

- Proactive service monitoring and fault resolution. 

- Straightforward approval process for new users and devices.

- Scalable from single to practically unlimited users and devices.

-3G/4G connection with data usage included.

(ADSL & WAN options available on request)

- Encrypted VPN connections.

- No need for direct access to corporate networks.

- Production assets such as PLCs, HMIs, and plant machinery are accessible but protected.

- Managed user access control.

- Scalable from single to practically unlimited users and devices.

-Auditing capabilities including:

  Engineer name

  Time of connection

  Duration connected

  Data usage

- Convenient remote access for data collection and equipment monitoring to reduce engineer visit costs.

- Engineers have flexibility to deploy projects remotely, anytime, anyplace.

- Allows fast response, diagnostics and resolutions to reduce downtime.

-Open standards for interoperability with a wide range of network environments. 

- No specialist IT knowledge required.


Industrial Remote Interconnect Service

Polestar's IRIS solution enables you to connect directly to the factory floor. Granting secure access to real-time data, IRIS allows engineers to perform maintenance and check system issues remotely.


Real Time Location Services

Use Wi-Fi tags for tracking assets and people in real-time to improve operational efficiency and protect your workers.

For more information on IRIS or any of our other IoT solutions, please contact us.

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