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Remote Access to Industrial Control Systems & Operational Technologies

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Remote Access: Efficiency & Security

Slow & unreliable remote access tools sink teams and their performance. Reach systems securely in seconds, not minutes, and manage up to 1,000 connections from a single page.

Moving Target Defense Package

For companies focused on security and compliance, as well as efficiency and control.

What's included:

  • 1 Dispel Enclave (Moving Target Defense SD-WAN).

  • 1 Dispel Wicket ESI.

  • Unlimited users and endpoints.

  • 2 Vendor Virtual Desktops with screen recording.

  • VDI burst capacity flexibility.

  • 256GB SSD Cloud Storage for VDI sessions.

  • 3-hour, zero-downtime installation.

Do you have a use-it-or-lose-it Budget for what is left of FY2020?


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Intro Package

Enough to demonstrate to your colleagues that efficiency should matter.

What's included:

  • 1 Dispel P2P Remote Access SDN.

  • 1 Dispel Wicket ESI.

  • Unlimited users and connected endpoints.

  • Vendor virtual desktop with screen recording.

  • VDI burst capacity flexibility.

  • 256GB SSD Cloud Storage for VDI Sessions.

  • 3-hour, zero-downtime installation.


New-Year Remote Access Packages:




Main Features





Moving Target Defense

This type of SD-WAN is uniquely well-suited for providing stable connections to critical systems and lets you streamline the connection process, whilst minimising cyber-attack surfaces.

Disposable Virtual Networks

Virtual desktops act as a sacrificial component. Any malware on a user's device or network smashes into the desktop, rather than the system the user is working on.

Learn more about all the features of our Secure Remote Access solutions in Dispel's site.

Who is this product for?

This service is perfect for CTOs, COOs, Production Managers, Heads of Engineering, Network Managers, Security & Control Engineers, and similar from IT, OT & Cybersecurity departments of any manufacturing enterprise; interested in improving efficiency on their maintenance & control processes.

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