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Industrial Remote Access Packages

Have a "Use-It-Or-Lose-It" Budget? Your team has worked hard to come in under budget, right? Then why not giving them a tool to make their day-to-day more efficient, whilst getting full control over your OT Environment?

With Dispel's Secure Remote Access you can:

  • Provide access for unlimited operators via platform agnostic apps.

  • Standardise vendor access with recorded, single-use virtual desktops.

  • Manage all users, devices, access control lists, and security settings.

Get buy-in from your OT, IT, and Security teams and access these incredible packages:

Remote Access Packages: £30k - Moving Target Defense Package For companies focused on security and compliance, as well as efficiency and control. £15k - Intro Package Enough to demonstrate to your colleagues that efficiency should matter.

Remote Access is a plant optimisation tool with a critical cybersecurity need. Interested? Get started by registering in this link.


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