Learning Session: Remote Manufacturing in 2021

Updated: Apr 9

During these unprecedented times, manufacturers in the UK and Europe have accelerated the dispersion of their manufacturing operations, aiming to gain efficiencies and face new regulations, political factors, scarce qualified resources, and the enforcement of remote work.

In this webinar called "Delivering your Global Manufacturing Strategy in Times of Remote Working" we will look upon how to Securely and Efficiently Connect Production Lines and Teams Across the UK and Europe.

Get tips and real case studies from our IIoT & Cybersecurity experts to:

◾ Understand solutions that help in overcoming common threats of Remote Manufacturing.

◾ Know about key factors you should consider when evaluating Remote Work technologies.

◾ Learn how to define and measure success when implementing new technologies.

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The speakers will be:

Julian Smith

Polestar IIoT's Managing Director, Cyber-Security Engineer experienced in maximising ROI in OT & IT. Julian has worked implementing Industry 4.0 technologies with manufacturing, transport and utility companies in the UK and Europe; including Carlsberg, Delta, Jaguar & Coca-Cola.

Ethan Schmertzler

Dispel's CEO and Co-Founder. Ethan has spent 7 years looking for ways to optimise secure remote access to industrial control systems of utility companies and manufacturers, serving already over 12 million people and partners every day from offices in the US, Japan and Europe.

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Expected Audience

This webinar was designed for CEOs, CTOs, COOs, Production Managers, Heads of Engineering, Plant Directors, Facility Managers, Operations Managers, OT Managers, Security Architects, Network Architects and Site Engineers from the Manufacturing Industry.

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