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Webinar: IT/OT Convergence Strategy in Manufacturing

The second of our Q4-2020 webinar series: The journey to IIoT enablement; assessing the organisation's readiness to deploy IT/OT solutions to maximise the benefits of both areas convergence.

Wednesday, 9th of December, 2020. 12:00 to 14:00. Online Event.

The schedule for the day was:

  • Industrial IoT: How to create an IIoT Strategy in the Manufacturing industry from Polestar's perspective, with a focus on cybersecurity. Speaking: Julian Smith, Polestar.

  • Industrial Automation: Speaking: Senior Automation and IIoT expert from a leading Hardware and SaaS vendor, TBC.

  • Christmas Cookies Baking: Enjoy a break with a hot chocolate while cherishing the art of cookie baking for Christmas and discussing about common IIoT bottlenecks for the manufacturing sector and their possible solutions. There will be a competition and a prize for the best cookie pictures posted in social media! Guiding: Louise Sturman, Polestar.


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