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Expert Roundtable: Edge-first for Digitalisation projects in Industrial Environments

Hosted on Thursday the 22nd of September, 14:00 GMT+1. Learn about the strategic and technical how-to for digitalisation projects in industrial environments of any scale.

Polestar wants to contribute to the acceleration of digitalisation projects in industrial companies through the installation of an out-of-the-box digital solution for OT environments, maintaining quality and de-risking tech adoption.

IIoT Roundtable Webinar Industrial IT Edge COmputing

Some of the topics discussed:

The panellists that attended this digital roundtable:

Industrial Networks Industrial Communications Infrastructure Egde Computing Industrial Edge

Roundtable Wrap Up

1: Strategic PoV on digitalisation

• UK manufacturing SMEs are lagging behind their European counterparts in terms of automation and digitalisation.

• There are plenty of business opportunities that can be untapped through adequate digitalisation projects to become more competitive.

2: Basics of infrastructure needed for digital projects

Network Design and industrial-grade communications infrastructure are basics for a well planned and future-proof digital project.

Edge-first initiatives are a great way to start the digitalisation of the factory floor and scale up.

3: The Field System & its use cases

• It grants access to edge analytics for better decision making and productivity.

• Is a first step towards IIoT & Cloud enablement.

• Increased ability to see change in production processes

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