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Reduce complexity in your industrial network and increase security

These are only 2 out of the 5 most important reasons to put a robust switching system such as Cisco Catalyst 9000 into your network along with wireless. Cisco IOS® XE for both wired and wireless means less complexity, as with one common OS, the network is easier to troubleshoot and manage

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Additionally, Cisco Catalyst 9000 has hardware-enabled encryption that keeps data secure, and the whole supply chain security is delivered through trustworthy solutions.

Other factors to consider are the possibility to utilise optimised bandwidth for Wi-Fi 6, eliminating Ethernet bottlenecks with next-gen access points and multigigabit switches.

Industry 4.0 Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches Industrial Wireless Routers Cybersecurity
Cisco Catalyst 9000 & Polestar Industrial Wireless

Furthermore, with a secure industrial network that is integrated, your manufacturing plant will be able to have higher availability, as you will have an easy to configure wireless to minimise downtime and gain visibility end to end with telemetry and open APIs. Finally, you will provide your IT team, operators and facility managers with easy to control traffic applications with compatible Quality-of-Service (QoS) configurations.

See the next infographic to know more about Polestar & Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switching + Wireless solution:

Download PDF • 935KB

Connect, manage, and secure all your assets anywhere with confidence.


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