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Potential threats to your IT you often don't know about

Cyber Security has been a hot topic in the news recently, with many industrial companies being targeted by malware and ransomware designed to damage infrastructure, damage business and even damage people.

It really isn't our style to turn this into a sales pitch article with pages of marketing telling you how we can do goodness. So, we’ll cut to the chase.

The threat to Industrial IT Networks is growing worse by the day. Xenotime is a well organised group of hackers that are specifically targeting industrial networks and we think you should know about them. Click here to visit a short article by Dragos about what they are calling “easily the most dangerous threat activity publicly known”.

One of our Solutions Architects had this to say:

"Everything we do for industrial customers around network and infrastructure design and deployment, particularly regarding isolation and segregation of production cells, is to prevent or limit damage from attacks like these. We also incorporate monitoring and protection for PLC’s and ICS devices directly, as well as Next Generation Firewalls for network traffic...

But here’s the difficulty of cyber-security. With little known about new attacks, other than they’re constantly getting more sophisticated, there’s nothing close to a silver bullet for protection.

The modern consensus is that you can’t stop a sufficiently competent and sufficiently motivated attacker. The reality of what we do is to implement systems and work with customers to make it so difficult for attackers that they run out of resources somewhere along the line."

It's imperative that more and more organisations are aware of these potential threats. They are real, and they will bite you at some point. Build your walls high and deep and start now, if you haven't already.


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