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On-Demand Webinar: Top 5 Networking Trends to Build Business Resilience

Prepare for what is next with the top 5 networking trends.

Request access to the webinar here: Top 5 Networking Trends.

Industrial networks played a vital role in helping organisations respond to a very disruptive 2020. Although connectivity and uptime helped the industry prior to the pandemic, they alone are no longer enough. In 2019 and 2020 was proved that organisations need resilience supported by an advanced network platform that responds quickly to nearly any circumstance.

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An intent-based network enables organisations to respond swiftly to any circumstances, change operating models and help safeguard employees, core activities and customers through disruptions. Here are the main networking trends that will be ruling in what is left in 2021, in 2022, and beyond in manufacturing and the industry in general.

Trend #1: Extending security to a remote workforce.

Just because employees are on a VPN, they may not even realise how much traffic they are creating on the business network by running non-business apps.

Trend #2: Ensuring a safe return to on-premise(s) workspaces.

Preparing your network to enable a path to a hybrid workplace.

Trend #3: Facilitating secure networking, back-up and recovery, and multi-cloud for greater resilience.

Now we are aware of how imperative it is that we consider how our networks can enable the business to be resilient in the face of disruptions.

Trend #4: Automating operations for faster recovery.

Deploying programmable infrastructures and network automation to respond quickly and efficiently to major disruptions.

Trend #5: NetOps AI-enabling.

Using AI to reduce network issues and improve business resilience.

Watch this webinar to get real-world insights and learn about the five networking trends enabling resilience in times of disruption. Request access to the webinar here: Top 5 Networking Trends.
Do you prefer reading? Check the report here.


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