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Key Features in an Industrial Cyber Security Solution

Real-time visibility, security and control has never been more important. That’s why Polestar help our customers monitor and secure their ICS networks and ensure operational safety and continuity. Industrial Cyber Security solutions should be designed to protect industrial and critical infrastructure from the increasing number and sophistication of external and internal threats.

Key Features you should be aware of in an Industrial Cyber Security solution:

  1. Device Integrity - Queries devices in their native language for their configurations, code and state. Device Integrity also detects local changes made to devices and provides comprehensive alert context to better and more quickly understand the nature of the alert.

  2. Threat Detection & Mitigation – combines behavioural anomalies with policy-based rules.

  3. Asset Tracking - Discover dormant assets and data that are not sent on the wire (e.g. Windows specific versions, hot-fix/patch level, diagnostic buffers of controllers, module names & serial number, installed software, etc.). Asset tracking presents full back-plane configuration of devices to identify the ones with multiple controllers and multiple network cards.

  4. Configuration Control - Configuration control validates the changes made locally and/or over the network.

  5. System Scalability - Indegy architecture combines a powerful Cyber Security Suite, optional sensors and Indegy Enterprise Manager – which can be used for aggregating data from multiple sites.

At Polestar IIoT we deliver all-in-one turnkey appliances that plugs into the network without the use of agents. Our purpose is to provide real-time situational awareness and visibility for ICS networks. The three-tier deployment model supports monitoring of multi-switch environments and various network topologies. The solution is easy to deploy, has zero impact on the network and doesn’t cause operational disruptions.



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