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IoT North Marketplace: Polestar's IoT Use Cases for the Industry in the UK

IIoT UK, IIoT companies in the UK, IoT, Industrial IoT company

We know manufacturing companies struggle coping with digital adoption due to inadequate Digital Transformation planning and slow/complex implementation. What is more, not every consultant counts with hands-on experience to deal with complex and unique plant situations that require bespoke and fast solutions.

Companies end up paying consultants for telling them what they already know and sometimes, different people withhold perspective.

What happens after? Consultants create their answers and then leave. They create “big ideas” and strategies but the organisation doesn’t know how to implement them.

Digital Transformation for the industry demands IIoT expertise, careful planning and specialists' consultation to identify critical areas of change. IoT North compiles a list of services that can help you navigate your digitalisation journey, including our Industrial IoT consulting services.

Becoming a global organisation requires enhanced resources and quality, greater investment behind technology, compliance, and direct communications between operations and the C-Suite level executives, especially EVPs of Supply. High-compliance industries are under strict government regulations in order to guarantee good/ethical practices, product safety, and to comply with strict quality standards.

IIoT UK, IIoT companies in the UK, IoT, Industrial IoT company

Secure Industrial Networks play a major role in meeting these requirements. Using appropriate Operational Technologies and IT architectures, production is enhanced through the integration of hardware and software with existing factory lines and process systems, allowing greater compliance and avoiding downtime, which is a major risk factor that impacts product safety and quality.

Multi-layered secure IT architectures incorporate resilient hardware and software to avoid downtime in high compliance industries such as Food & Beverage, Healthcare, and Pharma. Deploying the right IT and OT systems paves the way for untapped production efficiencies and capabilities. Check about our Industrial Networking Services as seen in IoT North.

Polestar Interactive Limited is an IIoT company in the UK. We are Network Integrators implementing Industrial IT & IIoT systems across the UK & EMEA. We are Cisco IoT & Siemens Automation Partners. We are specialists in IT & OT Convergence, Secure Industrial Networking & Cyber security. We are experienced in delivering Industrial technologies & Digital Transformation.


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