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PBSI: FIELD System, an Edge-IIoT Platform

FANUC UK has announced Polestar Interactive as the first strategic network and systems integration partner for its IIoT platform, FIELD system.

PBSI, the industrial media company part of the IML Group, recently announced that FANUC’s FIELD system Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform will be made available through Polestar's IIoT services in the UK and Europe.

Polestar Interactive

Polestar IIoT, registered in the UK as Polestar Interactive Ltd., specialises in bridging the gap between enterprise IT and OT teams and systems through the design and implementation of secure network architectures, which is core for the FIELD system to operate on high availability and resilience.


With more than 27,5 million products installed worldwide, more than 60 years of experience in the development of CNC equipment, and more than 8000 employees, FANUC is one of the leading global manufacturers of factory automation systems. Whether it’s industrial robots, CNC systems, wire cut EDM, injection moulding machines, vertical machining centres, or its most recent IIoT platform, the FIELD System, there is nothing FANUC loves more than automation.

FIELD System

FIELD system (FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive system) is an open IIoT platform that improves efficiency and productivity across all manufacturing processes. Besides connecting all manufacturing devices & systems, the FIELD System also allows third-party applications and converters for devices, enhancing centralised management of equipment and data, as well as data sharing in the factory floor and across geographically dispersed plants.

Through developer apps, users of the FIELD system will quickly add advanced analytics, prognostic capabilities, and new operational functions to their existing production data and processes.

Julian Smith, CEO of Polestar IIoT, mentions that "Polestar is excited to be working with FANUC, a global leader in robot manufacturing, automation systems, and a pioneer in the use of IIoT technologies. Our partnership will empower industrial organisations in the UK and Europe using the FIELD system IIoT platform to improve the effectiveness and security of their operations and attain excellence in their manufacturing processes.

Oliver Selby – Business Development Manager at FANUC UK, adds: The FIELD system provides industrial organisations with a fast, powerful environment in which to store and analyse their production data. We are pleased that Polestar IIoT has joined us as the first network integration partners in the UK to support our platform users in the UK and EMEA through their Cyber secure Industrial IT implementations, helping them to reach optimal manufacturing operations.

Read more about Polestar IIoT & FANUC's partnership here: First UK's strategic partner for FANUC's FIELD system.


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