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Better Collaboration in Times of Remote Work

We all have seen how after the 2019 outbreak, communication among coworkers has demonstrated to be tricky, especially with the uprise of virtual sessions. Having a team that doesn't work together well could slow down production and reduce your company's profitability. Hence, improving communication and collaboration with and within your teams is vital. You can follow some simple steps to improve collaboration in your factory.

Encourage Feedback

In terms of feedback, having an open-door policy has its share of pros and cons. Say, when an employee rises an issue to management about a peer, it may cause teamwork tension.

However, an open-door policy facilitates and encourages feedback, so you can easily locate problems, bottlenecks or new opportunities within your business.

Collaborative Cloud Apps have become intuitive, fun and efficient tools to make remote work and communications a lot easier.

In industrial settings, nothing beats an industrial-grade platform when trying to get remote access to industrial control systems. With the right tool, you can create team workstations to bring in several expert eyes to solve commissioning problems, diagnose process status, and organise/start/stop productive schedules. You only need a platform that allows remote screen controls and a good communication app.

Talking about communications, you need to choose an app that has got all the flexibility to work when, where and how it’s best for you. One that lets you easily chat, send audio and video clips, or join a huddle to talk things through live. The right communications app will connect your people, tools, customers and partners in a digital HQ, break down communication silos and bring teams together around common goals, projects and processes.

Finally, you need to consider working with shared files. You may have noticed that PDFs are like silver coins these days, so working efficiently with them has become a necessity. For instance, you can choose some apps to allow your staff to edit and share these files instantly. Converting PPTs to PDF should also be something to consider.

Bring recognition to your teams

People appreciate positive feedback from their employers. In fact, one study showed that 80% of individuals appreciated it, and 65% want more of it. It can be challenging when two people with different views and who may be in different departments with different tastes come together for the greater good. Show your team you're thankful they came together for the company. Tell them how wonderful it is to see everyone get along. You could even go as far as to order them pizza or have a catered meal to celebrate their achievement.

-Article co-created with Gloria Martinez from WomenLed.Org


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