IoT Consulting to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

Industrial Cybersecurity

Data & Assets Security is our underlying condition. Polestar was born from the mind of a Cybersecurity Engineer, so all of our implementations comply with the most rigorous security frameworks. 

Build a Smarter Factory

Tired of fruitless high-level digital transformation consulting? Create along with our dedicated Project Managers an ROI-focused

IoT Implementation Plan, and learn more about the use of technology in production processes.

Industrial IoT isn't just plug-and-play yet and Digital Transformation isn't only about Strategy and Technology.


We know manufacturing companies struggle with IoT Technology deployment due to inadequate planning and slow+complex implementation.


Our Digital Transformation Planning Programmes & IoT Consulting enable manufacturers to optimise processes, increase their equipment uptime, boost productivity, lower their bills and ensure peak plant performance through digital transformation.

IoT Consulting & Digital Transformation

Benefits of Industry 4.0 Implementations


Tested Benefits of Industrial IoT

Including the creation of new business models, reduction of product launching times, energy efficiency, and others.


Efficiency Increase

From improvements in workforce efficiency and downtime reductions through Industrial IoT.


Productivity Increase

From improvements on direct labour and manufacturing overhead (conversion costs) through IIoT.


Our IIoT Implementation Planning Programmes